The amount listed on the “Refunds” line is the amount of the refund that has been requested for you. 

If you completed the information in “Direct Deposit Refunds” by Monday, August 22, your refund will be directly deposited into the bank account you selected.  If you did not complete that step, your refund will be mailed.
For Direct Deposit Refund students – you should receive an email within the next couple of days advising you of the timeline for funds to be available in your bank account.
For students who did not elect to have their refund directly deposited in a bank account, your check will be mailedon Friday to the most current address we had on file on Tuesday, August 23.
All students must complete the 2011 Fall Attendance Confirmation!  If you have already done so,,,,THANKS!   If you have not, it is very important that you do so NOW.  Log in to WebAdvisor and click on the “Fall 2011 Attendance Confirmation” link.
You are responsible for any changes made to your Fall 2011 bill after the refund was requested.  If the changes made resulted in a balance due, please pay by August 31 to avoid penalties.   If the changes made resulted in an additional credit balance, the next refunds will be issued Friday, September 9.   
If you were expecting a financial aid refund and it is not showing on your Current Activity, contact your Financial Aid Counselor immediately! You have to ASK for a deferment.
Pamela Thomas
Student Financial Services
1200 University Street Unit 9670
Spearfish, SD  57799-9670
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