An aid excess refund check will either be direct deposited or will be mailed to the address you list on your Attendane Confirmation (estimated date of checks being direct deposited or mailed is August 26th).   Direct deposit  -- to go Web Advisor to sign up if you have not already done so, however, this first refund may still come check format if you are just completing the direct deposit now.

Watch your Current Activity on SDePay /Web Advisor for financial aid payments to your bill. If this shows you have financial aid remaining then your bill is not totally paid, remember your bill is due on Aug 31st. If you wish a deferment for your aid that can be applied to your bill, you must contact Student Financial Services.  Learn more by going to Financial Aid Process for 2011FA and

Continue to check your BH email account for important emails.  And make sure you check Current Activity on Web Advisor to see your bill is paid in full.  Adding and dropping classes, change in residence hall and dining service contracts could cause you to owe a bill as your refund check could have been cut prior to your changes.  Good rule of thumb: check on your current activity account at least once a week, and especially after the last day to add a class.

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