A summary of Congress’ final vote and how it affects summer Pell:  if you qualify for a Pell Grant in the summer from the 10-11 year, we will pay your Pell out of the 10-11 year. You must be at least ½-time in order to receive a second Pell Grant, or, if you haven’t used up your 10-11 first Pell Grant you could possibly qualify for left-over amount.   This will be the last year for Two Pells in a Year and going forward we will be back to the “old formula” of paying Pell Grant, meaning if you are full-time during the fall and spring of the upcoming year, Pell Grant will only be available if you have left-over Pell from prior year.

You are still  eligible for your Direct Stafford Loans if you completed the 11-12 FAFSA and are at least ½-time during the summer months, however, this will affect the amount of your fall and spring loan.

If you have not yet applied for summer aid, you may do so by completing the summer financial aid application at www.bhsu.edu/financialaid , summer tab.

If questions, please contact our office.





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