Denver Gathering

A group of enthusiastic BHSU alumni, family & friends met in the fall at Coors Field in Denver, CO.

Cathy Adams, Aurora, Colo.; David Adams, Class of '95, Aurora, Colo.; Bob Albert, Class of '76, Firestone, Colo.; Doug Arithson, Class of '87, Aurora, Colo.; Jayne (Nutzman) Arithson, attended '86-'87, Aurora, Colo.; Jerry Bakanec, Class of '71, Frederick, Colo.; Judy Bakanec, Frederick, Colo.; Pamela Bell, Class of '91, Thornton, Colo.; Zach Bell, Thornton, Colo.; Angie (Killough) Braun, Class of '94, Denver, Colo.; Michelle (Schuldt) Caretto, Class of '98, Aurora, Colo.; Julie (Kemerling) Carnahan, Class of '86, Lone Tree, Colo.; Ray Carnahan, Lone Tree, Colo.; Russell Case, Class of '67, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Craig Caviness, Class of '88, Thornton, Colo.; Sarah (Fisher) Chase, Class of '98, Greeley, Colo.; Joel Chase, Class of '96, Greeley, Colo.; Carl Christensen, Class of '83, Northglenn, Colo.; Lorry Christensen, Northglenn, Colo.; Linda (Kemerling) Christensen, Class of '84, Parker, Colo.; Dan Erickson, Denver, Colo.; Shelley (Reller) Erickson, Class of '82, Denver, Colo.; Mark Fisher, Class of '68, Delta, Colo.; Janet Fritz, Class of '93, Littleton, Colo.; Colin Heupel, Class of '85, Arvada, Colo.; Debbie Heupel. Arvada, Colo.; Donna Holwegner, Fort Collins, Colo.; Jim Holwegner, attended '68-'72, Fort Collins, Colo.; Anne-Rice Johnson, Class of '77, Highlands Ranch, Colo.; David R. Johnson, Highlands Ranch, Colo.; Marilyn (Hill) Karsten, Class of '62, Lakewood, Colo.; Don Karsten, Lakewood, Colo.; Kelley Kadlecek, Class of '89, Denver, Colo.; Darin Kellum, Class of '99, Carbondale, Colo.; Dan Kline, Class of '98, Thornton, Colo.; Kathy Kline, Thornton, Colo.; Justin Koehler, Class of '03, Aurora, Colo.; John Kohl, Class of '74, Arvada, Colo.; Susie Kuntz, Class of '93, Centennial, Colo.; Steve Meeker, Class of '84, Spearfish, S.D.; Tiffany Meidinger, Class of '98, Denver, Colo.; Jason Mincer, Class of '98, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Helen Olds, Class of '53, Centennial, Colo.; Joe Olds, Centennial, Colo.; Carol Perrett, Parker, Colo.; David Perrett, Class of '88, Parker, Colo.; Dale Pettapiece, Aurora, Colo.; Dianne Pettapiece, Class of '75, Aurora, Colo.; Clay Porter, Lakewood, Colo.; Janette Porter, Class of '91, Lakewood, Colo.; BHSU President Kay Schallenkamp, Spearfish, S.D.; Bill Schuttler, Class of '95, Evans, Colo.; Dina Schuttler, Evans, Colo.; Woody Shelton, Class of '00, Boulder, Colo.; Karyl (Reed) Smith, Class of '86, Eastlake, Colo.; Rebecca Smith, Eastlake, Colo.; Darrell Stewart, Class of '93, Arvada, Colo.; Norma Stewart, Arvada, Colo.; Marlene (Ketterling) Swartz, Class of '87, Arvada, Colo.; Nicholas Garcia Tellez, Class of '90, Denver, Colo.; Allen Thayer, Class of '89, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Robert Walls, Class of '86, Westminster, Colo.; Lisa Walls, Westminster, Colo.; Hollie Waterman, Class of '02, Aurora, Colo.; Shawn Watermen, Class of '02, Aurora, Colo.; Rob Welo, Class of '92, Aurora, Colo.; Felicia Wendt, Fort Collins, Colo.; Janet Wendt, Class of '91, Fort Collins, Colo.; Lynn Wendt, Fort Collins, Colo.; Tom Wheaton, Class of '87, Spearfish, S.D.


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