2010 BHSU Legacy Family - Descendants of Guy and Sylvia Doll

BHSU names descendants of Guy and Sylvia Doll as 2010 Legacy Family

Those attending the ceremony included: (left to right) LeVay “Blinkie” (Doll) Byers, Class of ’60, Wheatland, Wyo.; Tim Olson, Class of ’81, Buffalo; Laura (Halligan) Olson, Class of ’81, Buffalo; Tom Olson, Class of ’81, Norfolk, Neb.; Nick Olson, Attending, Spearfish; Janet (Lammers) Doll, Class of ’82, Prairie City; Sam Olson, Attending, Spearfish; Samra (Olson) Trask, Class of ’83, Wasta; Marcia (Orwick) Olson, Class of ’86, Spearfish; Trevor Olson, Attending, Spearfish; Elaine Doll-Dunn, Class of ’79, Spearfish; Dan Olson, Class of ’83, Spearfish; and Doug Doll, Class of ’81, Prairie City.

Black Hills State University honored the descendants of Guy and Sylvia Doll as the 2010 Legacy Family. The award was presented by BHSU President Kay Schallenkamp and Steve Meeker, vice president of University Advancement, during a recent men’s basketball game.

Guy Doll attended BHSU in the late 1920s where he played football and ran track. He married Sylvia (Des Camps) in 1936 and became an outstanding rancher in Harding County. Elaine Doll-Dunn, Guy and Sylvia’s daughter, says her family has enjoyed a long history of attending BHSU and she’s anxious to see that tradition move into the future as she encourages the next generation of family members to consider attending her alma mater as well.

Those who were honored were: (first generation) Guy Doll, attended; (second generation) LeVay “Blinkie” (Doll) Byers, Class of ’63; Janet (Lammers) Doll, Class of ’82; Elaine Doll-Dunn, Class of ’79; (third generation) Dael (Byers) Bennett, Class of ’92; Clint Doll, attended; Jim Gillaspie, attended; Pat Gillaspie, attended; Stacie (Meink) Gillaspie, Class of ’91; Erin (Gillaspie) Maclver, Class of ’92; Dan Olson, Class of ’83; Laura (Halligan) Olson, Class of ’81; Marcia (Orwick) Olson, Class of ’86; Tim Olson, Class of ’82; Tom Olson, Class of ’81; Samra (Olson) Trask, Class of ’83; (Fourth Generation) Angela Herman, attending; Nick Olson, attending; Sam Olson, attending; Trevor Olson, attending; and Mackenzie Trask, attended.

The Legacy Family Award was created to honor families who have attended, graduated, or who are currently attending BHSU. For more information about the award or to nominate a deserving family, contact Tom Wheaton, director of Alumni Relations at BHSU, at 642-6385 or Tom.Wheaton@BHSU.edu.


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