February 1st, 2017
Swarts Conference Room, Student Union Building

Attendance: Jami Stone, Nag Parthasarathi, Holly Downing, John VanBenthuysen, Colin Garnett, Jerry Rawlings, Jeff Wehrung, Visitor: Justin Logue (student senate president)

  1. Meeting called to order at 3:15 pm.
  2. Approval of agenda.
  3. Remembrance, discussion and one minute silence for Student Senate President Brittany Thomson
    • Efforts are being made to possible give Brittany honorary degree
    • Students are working on remembrance.
  4. Updates from the Student Association (Justin Logue).
    • Discussions regarding tuition freeze are ongoing
    • Discussion regarding guns on campus, issue is not currently being brought up by state
    • Justin officially took position of Student Senate President, Ariel Pozorski will be new senate VP
    • Program discipline fees were cut, discussion regarding tuitions
  5. Consent Agenda for Curriculum Proposals:
    • (i) PE 354 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries. (approved; motion Colin, second Jerry)
    • (ii) PE 354 L Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries. (approved; motion Colin, second Jerry)
    • (iii) Minor Program Modification (BS.EXSC.SCI). (tabled; motion Colin, second Jerry)
  6. Other items
    • President will be having some weekday luncheon discussion/meeting over the course of the Spring Semester with 3 (faculty) + 2 (staff). Nag has been asked to handle invitations. President is looking forward to meet faculty and staff.
    • Discussion regarding Distinguished faculty award
  7. Approval of minutes from the January 18th, 2017 meeting. (approved with changes; motion Jeff, second Jami)
  8. Adjourn
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