Black Hills State University

Faculty Senate Minutes

February 5, 2014

Members Present:  John Alsup (president), Parthasarathi Nag, Kara Keeter, Jim Hesson, David Bergmann, Gina Gibson, Fay LaDuke-Pelster, Pam Carriveau, Cynthia Chandler, David Crawford.

Student Representatives Present:  Chase Vogel, Lorrin Anderson.

Guests Present:  Barbara Looney, Dan Durben, Warren Wilson, Garrett Stevens. 

3:15 PM – Senate called to order.  Motion to approve the agenda was made by Hesson and seconded by LaDuke-Pelster.  Motion passed.

President Alsup welcomed new senator, Cynthia Chandler to the meeting.

Motion made by Carriveau to approve draft copy of minutes from January 15, 2014 with minor changes.  Seconded by Nag.  Motion passed.

Update from Warren Wilson and Garrett Stevens regarding campus e-mail system

Wilson and Stevens discussed the current limit of 150 megabytes per individual e-mail.  We are using about 72% of the current 500 gigabyte limits for the total e-mail system.  The University is in the process of implementing new hardware which will allow 10 gigabytes per mailbox and 9 terabytes total so the current limit of 150 megabytes should be resolved by late this spring.  There was also discussion regarding the Skydrive and training on how to use it that is scheduled for later this month.  Wilson also indicated that they are considering moving all e-mail to the cloud and are currently trying to work out security issues.  Looney indicated that the new upgrades should solve her current issues with the current e-mail system.

Update from Dan Durben, faculty athletic representative for NCAA

Durben noted that there is a greater burden on student athletes since going to NCAA division II.  He also indicated a desire to get faculty more engaged with athletics.  Some concerns regarding academic performance of certain athletes were discussed.  Durben indicated that athletes should be able to keep up on homework assignments while on the road because they have internet access while traveling on the chartered bus.  Senate members also observed some issues over funding coming too late for the athletes to purchase books for classes.  Durben suggested he would check into this and report back to the Senate. 

Update from Student Association

Student senators Vogel and Anderson reported that the students were getting ready for Higher Education Days in Pierre later in the week. 

Old Business

·     The Senate Webpage Subcommittee did not have updates at this time.  President Alsup sent names of individuals on the Subcommittee to Ryan Shippy so that he is aware of people having authority to discuss the issue.

·     Gibson indicated she would discuss with Steve Meeker the possibility of establishing a scholarship fund by faculty in recognition of President Schallenkamp’s service to the University.

·     The graduate curriculum proposal process was discussed.  President Alsup and Vice President Carriveau had met with administration (President Schallenkamp and Dr. Custer) regarding the possibility of providing an oversight function by the Faculty Senate over the graduate curriculum.  President Schallenkamp indicated we should look at what other BOR institutions are doing.  Dr. Custer suggested we should consider the overall role of the Senate as to what would be appropriate.  Additionally, Graduate Director, Dr. Ahmad, questioned details of the process but was not opposed to the spirit of Faculty Senate oversight. 


The constitution appears to give the Senate the authority but there are reasons for and against this process.

o   Reasons against Senate oversight:

§  Process could be redundant and inefficient – too bureaucratic.

§  Lack of summer contracts could be a problem for individuals.

§  Members of Graduate Council are all graduate faculty while senators are not. 

o   Reasons for Senate oversight:

§  The Senate should look at the big picture when considering proposals for curricular changes.

§  The role would constitute a “check and balance” on the process.

§  There appears to be limited deliberation built into the current process which is why oversight is important.

The issue will be put on the Senate agenda for next time with Dr. Custer in attendance as we need to take time to deliberate our position overall.    

New Business

·     The following minor changes to curriculum were considered:

a.       Music 240 General Music (replaces Music 135)

b.      Philosophy 416

c.       BS Composite Music

d.      BSED Music

Motion by Nag to accept the curriculum changes as a group, seconded by Hesson.  Motion Passed. 

·     President Alsup indicated the following listening lunches with Vice President Custer are scheduled as follows:


o   February 25th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in the Trump Room of Student Union.

o   March 24th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in the Trump Room of the Student Union.

o   April is not yet scheduled. 


Motion to adjourn was made by Hesson and seconded by Nag. 

4:57 PM Meeting Adjourned.

The next Senate meeting is scheduled for February 19th, 2014. 

Minutes submitted by David Crawford

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