January 15, 2014

Black Hills State University Faculty Senate Minutes

Meier Hall Room 306


Members present:  John Alsup (president), Parthasarathi Nag, David Crawford, Kara Keeter, Jim Hesson, David Bergmann, Gina Gibson, Faye LaDuke-Pelster, Chase Vogel, Lorrin Anderson. Excused absence:  Pam Carriveau (vice president)


3:15 PM -- Senate called to order.  Motion to approve the agenda was made by Jim Hesson and seconded by Parthasarathi Nag.  Approved.



·     Reviewed.  Motion to approve with minor changes for November 20, 2013 made by Faye LaDuke-Pelster.  Kara Keeter seconded the motion. Approved.

·     Reviewed.  Motion to approve with minor changes for December 4, 2013 made by Parthasarathi Nag.  David Crawford seconded the motion.  Approved.


Update from the Student Association

·     The Student Association has appointed two students to a Tobacco Policy Subcommittee that is being led by Mrs. Sandy Klarenbeek.  The committee will be discussing whether or not the BHSU campus should move to a completely tobacco free campus.  The subcommittee will make a recommendation to the Campus Safety Committee.

·     There has been a shift in Student Senators.  The Student Association is currently seeking student representation for the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts.


Old Business

·     Graduate Curricular Process:  The Graduate Council has requested that a formal request from the President of Faculty Senate (John Alsup) be sent to the Graduate Director (Ahrar Ahmad) stating the objective for the Senate’s request to review graduate curricular proposals. Rather than writing the letter and presenting it to senate, John Alsup suggested that this issue be tabled.  The Faculty Senate will work together during the February 5th meeting.  In addition, a formal vote on this issue will also occur at the February 5th Faculty Senate meeting.

·     The Faculty Senate Webpage Subcommittee did not have any updates at this time.  However, it was noted that an outdated version of the Faculty Senate constitution needs to be removed from the BHSU website.  John Alsup will speak with Ryan Shippy about this issue.  In addition, Dr. Custer indicated that he would share a skeleton of the revisions being made to the BHSU Academic Affairs (AA) webpage.  The changes to the AA page may have implications for changes to the Faculty Senate webpage.

·     Recognition of President Schallenkamp was discussed.  No decision has been made.  The issue was tabled and will be revisited at the February 5th meeting.


New Business

·     Pam Carriveau is currently seeking a faculty member to replace Laura Colmenero-Chilberg while she is on sabbatical this semester.

·     An academic dishonesty statement has been drafted.  Dr. Custer summarized the content of the statement and shared that with the Faculty Senate.  The statement will also be shared with the Student Senate. 

·     Professional Staff Evaluations (PSE’s) are due on January 15th by the close of business. 

·     The issue of full-year student registration was discussed.  Various implications were brought forth.  Should BHSU decide to pursue full-year registration, this will not take place in the very near future.

·     The campus program planning structure was discussed.  The Assessment Committee will review each program’s Assessment Plan and collect the annual reports.  The focus of the Assessment Committee is formative.  The Program Review process takes place every seven years.  The purpose of the Program Review is to use the assessment data to continuously improve programs. 

·     A Dissertation Showcase will begin in February.  A faculty member who recently completed his/her dissertation will be asked to showcase their work for a general audience in a 30-minute presentation.  The schedule is as follows:

o   Adam Gaffey-February 11th

o   Christopher Hahn-March 4th

o   Robert Girtz-April 3rd

o   William David-TBD

·     Jim Hesson brought forth concerns related to using the short form of the IDEA for faculty evaluation.  Discussion was held.

·     A curriculum request for AIS/ENGL 224 was approved.  Parthasarathi Nag moved for approval and Jim Hesson seconded the motion. 

·     Other:

o   The campus email size restrictions were discussed.  It was decided that John Alsup will invite Warren Wilson to the next Faculty Senate meeting so this issue can be discussed further.  In addition, the issue of email size restrictions will be an agenda item for the February 5th meeting.


Motion to adjourn was made by Jim Hesson and seconded by Parthasarathi Nag. Approved.


The next meeting will be February 5, 2014.


5:00 PM -- Senate meeting adjourned.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Faye LaDuke-Pelster.
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