Faculty Senate Meeting

December 4, 2013



Called to order at 3:15 in Meier 202

Attendance: Gina Gibson, P. Nag, David Crawford, David Bergmann, Kara Keeter, Pam Carriveau, Faye LaDuke-Pelster, John Alsup, Chase Vogel, Lorrin Anderson



1. Approval of agenda


2. John Alsup is going to confirm with the Business Office that our reserved meeting room will be available from now on.


3. Sabbatical request approved unanimously.


4. BOR asked BHSU constituencies to respond to three questions in order to facilitate the selection of the next President of BHSU:

     a. How do we make the case for BHSU?

i. Agile

ii. Good student body

iii. Several areas for potential growth: underground lab, new Sustainability masters, business incubators, education program

iv. A lot of potential for direct contact between faculty and students, undergraduate research and creative activity.

v. Small town feel but diversity and culture of much larger community.


     b. What are the short and long term challenges for the next president?

i. Financing

ii. Recruitment and Retention

iii. Distance education

iv. UCRC

v. New program development


     c. What kind of president do we need in order to meet these challenges?

i. Fundraising

ii. Able to make connections across region and nation.

iii. Good listener

iv. Listen to academic community before implementing changes

v. Able to build consensus

vi. Shared governance


5. John Alsup removed his name from the Presidential Selection Committee faculty nomination list due to family conflicts.


6. Need to run an election to find a one semester replacement for Laura Colmenero-Chilberg who will be gone on sabbatical in the spring.  Pam Carriveau will run the election before spring semester.


7. Updates from Student Association

a. What do faculty think about night classes or weekend classes?  These will be the question of the week soliciting student responses in the union.


8. A subcommittee was formed to improve the Faculty Senate webpage.  The issue is still under discussion.


9. Recognition of President Schallenkamp was discussed.


10. Discussion of junior faculty mentoring.  Some departments are more proactive about this than other departments.  Should Faculty Senate ask the chairs to develop these relationships?  Could Faculty Senate sponsor mixers for newer and experienced faculty? 


11. Nag discussed the 150MB email limit total as well as the 20MB individual email limit.  With increased online education, people are relying on email for large and frequent document exchanges.  Faculty Senate generally agreed with Nag's point.  This issue will be taken to Dr. Custer.  Please send specific examples of problems to John Alsup.


12.   Adjourned at 4:40pm.


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