November 20, 2013

Black Hills State University Faculty Senate Minutes

Meier Hall Rm. 306


Members present:  John Alsup (president), Parthasarathi Nag, David Crawford, Kara Keeter, Jim Hesson, Laura Colmenero-Chilberg, Dave Bergmann, Gina Gibson, Chase Vogel, Lorrin Anderson. Excused absence:  Pam Carriveau (vice president), Faye LaDuke-Pelster


3:15 PM -- Senate called to order.  Motion to approve the agenda was made by Nag and seconded by Laura.  Approved.



·         Reviewed.  Motion to approve with minor changes for November 6, 2013 made by Gina. Nag seconded the motion. Approved.


Update from the Student Association

·         The Student Association is planning a retail survey, and the survey is now being prepared to go through the IRB.

·         Plans are being made to set up a regional Student Association meeting


Old Business

·         Listening Lunch rescheduled from November 11, 2013, to December 3, 2013, at noon in the Trump Room.

·         Graduate Curricular Process:  Nag reports that the University Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Council processes are very similar.  Grad Council has not yet met so has not yet discussed the issue. They will meet in December. Kathleen Parrow as UCC chair attended to discuss this as related to the grad courses.

·         Safety Walk – The issue about the concrete barriers that have been pushed over and are a safety hazard has been brought to the Safety Committee’s attention and will be addressed by them.


New Business

·         Faculty Senate Web Page – We need to update the constitution that is posted there. Discussion was held about changes that could be made to make the page more user friendly.  A motion to create a subcommittee was made by Kara and seconded by Nag.  Approved. Members of the subcommittee include Kara as chair and Nag, David C. and Gina as other members.  The subcommittee is charged with making the best Faculty Senate web page we can have. 

·         Faculty Senate Committees – Committees should report monthly to FS. Should a FS member be on each committee?

·         Presidential Search and Screen -- The final six faculty members from which the BOR will select two members included Parthasarathi Nag, John Alsup, Laura Colmenero-Chilberg, Ahrar Ahmad, Don Altmyer, and Greg Cooch. The next meeting is December 16, 2013.

·         Recognition of President Schallenkamp – The Student Association is holding a reception with cake. Faculty Senate would like to plant a tree and purchase a bench with a plaque in her honor to be on the bench and then have a tree dedication. John will ask Dr. Custer about funds for this.

·         Parking Lot -- Expansion of faculty parking to include the parking behind Jonas Science along the building has been suggested. Also to be considered -- Students are parking in faculty parking. The issue will be tabled until December.

·         Wait Lists – We will investigate why it is that BHSU does not use this function in Web Advisor.

·         Other:

o   Final Faculty Senate minutes should be sent to Ryan Shippy.

o   We hope to talk with Dr. Custer about loss of students to other schools.


Motion to adjourn was made by Nag and seconded by Laura. Approved


The next meeting will be December 6, 2013.


4:45 PM -- Senate meeting adjourned.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Laura Colmenero-Chilberg, secretary.


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