Faculty Senate Minutes

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meier Hall 306

Members Present:

John Alsup, Pamela Carriveau, Gina Gibson, David Crawford, David Bergmann, Jim Hesson, Dorothy Fuller, Kara Keeter, Parthasarathi Nag, Laura Colmenero-Chilberg (semester replacement for Aris Karagiorgakis), Visitor: Rodney Custer

1. Call to order 3:15

2. Approval of agenda

3. Information items from Vice President Custer

a. Engineering Technology: Desire for certificate programs and a 2-year associate degree program. Much of this is based on needs in Yankton.


b. Taskforce on Distance Education: Triggered by HLC. HLC will be looking at facilities and distance education. Will be pulling together a taskforce on distance education. Distance Education will not just be the responsibility of Educational Outreach. Responsibility will be divided up with others on campus.


c. Library Taskforce: Meetings are scheduled and committee is formed.


d. Faculty Awards: Committee formed and March 15 is deadline. Formal announcement in April.


e. Academic Summer Camps: Interested participants (K-12) will be able to sign up online. 8-10 summer camps will be offered this summer.


4. Curriculum proposals: Discussion, all of the following approved:

College of Business and Natural Sciences:

Program Change: Minor Modification

BS BADM-Human Resource Management Specialization (Scarborough)

New Courses

HRM 452 Human Resource Information Systems Workforce Analysis (3 credits/Scarborough)

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

New Courses

SOC 326   Mediation and Conflict Resolution (3 credits/Marker)

SOC 471   Medical Sociology (3 credits/Marker)

College of Liberal Arts:

Program Change: Minor Modifications

B.S. Mathematics Major

B.S.Ed. Mathematics Major-Teaching

Program Change: Substantive Modifications

Mathematics Minor

Mathematics Minor-Teaching

Adding Existing Common Courses

MATH 095 Pre-College Algebra (3 credits/Siewert)

MATH 416 Combinatorics (3 credits/Siewert) [Also: Revised Common Course form: MATH 416 Combinatorics (change description & pre-reqs)]

MATH 421 Complex Analysis (3 credits/Siewert)

MATH 440 Mathematics of Finance (3 credits/Siewert)

MATH 461 Introduction to Topology (3 credits/Siewert)


5. Smoking on campus (Kara Keeter): Kara Keeter provided an outline for tobacco use because of the Majorana Collaboration. Basically, lab spaces need to be “clean rooms” and participants must be clean and clear of smoking particles. The air intake for the lab space is being affected by smoking particles. There is also the issue of tours passing areas where students are smoking. Faculty Senate would like to make a recommendation for a new policy. We would like to suggest that smoking remain at least 25 feet away from entrances, walkways and air intakes unless a person is in a vehicle. In summary, Faculty Senate is concerned about smoking’s affect on campus in regards to recruitment (prospective students/parents visiting campus as well as the look of campus), research (Kara Keeter/Majorana Collaboration and the need for a “Clean Room”), and student health (basic concern for the health of both the smokers and those effected by second-hand smoke).

6. Emergency Planning Committee: Interest in continuing to assess current protocol and to continue a dialog with the faculty.


7. Approval of minutes from February 6, 2013 meeting


Meeting adjourned at 5:01


Minutes respectfully recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson

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