Faculty Senate Minutes

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meier Hall 306

Members Present:

John Alsup, Pamela Carriveau, Gina Gibson, David Crawford, Jim Hesson, Dorothy Fuller, Kara Keeter, Laura Colmenero-Chillberg (semester replacement for Aris Karagiorgakis), Rocky Maier (Student Senate President). Visitors, Rodney Custer, Curtis Card, Nancy Roberts

1. Call to order 3:15

2. Approval of agenda

3. Information items from Vice President Custer

a. HLC update: April 15 & 16, group of 7-8 people will visit campus. New process. Visit will include mixed group of staff, students, & faculty. Accreditation document is online. Faculty should review that file. As far as the final document that will be provided for the HLC: Erin Holmes & Amy Fuqua are doing the writing and assembling, several other faculty are reviewing, Dr. Custer will edit and the President will have the final review. There will be meetings at the campus and school levels.


b. Faculty Awards: A committee is being formed. There are awards for each of the following: one for teaching, one for service, and one for scholarly activity.


c. Library Taskforce: Feb 1 deadline for getting that populated. There will be representatives from across campus. Including students, members from all schools and several staff members. Looking toward the future of the library. Dr. Custer is chair and David Wolff is co-chair. The taskforce will ask questions about facilities, leadership, budget, etc.


d. Budget: Chairs/Deans prioritized and advocated faculty budget requests. The state is planning to charge additional healthcare costs back to the universities. And our numbers are down for the Spring. Budget decisions will be made later in the Spring.


e. Educational Outreach: Brought search to close. Mitch Hopewell will head Ed Outreach on an interim basis for a year and a half. Programs will move outside Ed Outreach and into the schools. Ed Outreach can work with new program development, community outreach, duel credit (with high schools), and working with Distance Ed and Academic Summer Camps.


4. Information item from Associate Vice President Card

Starfish: Starfish replaces the PASS system. Flags (tracking items on students). There is a need for every advisor to participate otherwise there is a breakdown in communication. Curtis Card is requesting that faculty use Starfish now. This system should broaden the community that helps the students. D2L, training and live sites available. Faculty Senate is asked to relay the message that faculty participation is strongly encouraged. This only works if there is faculty involvement.

5. Emergency Planning Committee (Nancy Roberts): Goal is to have all of the faculty know the fire plan, tornado plan, and the plan for an active shooter. Nancy Roberts has experience with emergencies because of her K-12 experience. Roberts said the only way for people to remain calm is if they are prepared.

A senator asked if Faculty Senate could write a resolution requesting training for faculty for emergency preparedness? Also, may we request the ability to lock our classroom doors with bolt not just a card reader. 30-40% of Faculty are refusing to register for the Emergency Alert System. However, one senator mentioned that the university could require faculty to participate in safety training.

Dr. Alsup suggested that Faculty Senate form a subcommittee to create an Emergency Proposal Document, Kara Keeter and Gina Gibson offered to join the sub-committee.


6. Sabbaticals: All approved.


7. Update on the System Conference on Academic Quality May 8 and 9 (John Alsup): The BOR requested a system-wide conference on Academic Quality. The book Academically Adrift began the discussion. Want as many faculty members involved in the conference as possible. Faculty anonymously suggested topics from all BOR institutions. The conference will be the week after finals, May 8 & 9.


8. Nominations for a Senator from the College of Business and Natural Sciences: there may be an interested candidate. If course and time conflicts continue perhaps pursue a commitment as senator and a proxy.


9. Approval of minutes from December 5, 2012 meeting


10. Note from the Senate meeting with the BOR: Glowing review, commented we had the best meeting out of the BOR institutions.

11. Distinguished Faculty Award briefly discussed.


Meeting adjourned at 4:50


Minutes respectfully recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson


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