Faculty Senate Minutes

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meier Hall 127

Members Present:

John Alsup, Pamela Carriveau, Gina Gibson, David Crawford, Jim Hesson, Dorothy Fuller, Aris Karagiorgakis, Parthasarathi Nag, Kara Keeter, Rocky Maier (Student Senate President).


1. Call to order 3:15


2. Approval of agenda


3. Approval of minutes from November 7, 2012 meeting with changes.


4. Kara Keeter will contact Campus Safety to see what can be done to about the smoking issue on campus.


9. Programs and departments (e.g. music) discussion with administration

a.     Programs/Departments can call themselves what they wish.

b.     Concern about “chair.” Did not want further cost.


3. Information items from Vice President Custer

a. Chair reappointment policy – Action item meaning the Senate will formally approve a procedures document.


Discussion about Leadership Training Sessions (preparing faculty for leadership positions).


Faculty mentorship, what can be done?


c.     Faculty encouraged to attend Board of Regents meeting (December 11-13).  *Tuesday, December 11 4:00 p.m. Dr. Warner (Executive Director of the BOR) and Regent Kathryn Johnson (Board Chair) will meet with the Faculty Senate.  Dr. Alsup will serve as the convener for this meeting. (Trump Conference Room).


d. Faculty encouraged to attend commencement.


4. Overview of the Library Committee (Parthasarathi Nag and Dr. Custer)

a.     The library and its leadership will be moved from Educational

Outreach to Academic Affairs.

b.     Plan to form a Library Task Force with Dr. Custer as chair. Purpose to find a vision and how to transform the library.

c.     Warren Wilson will be the Interim Director and Scott Ahola will be the Associate Library Director.


14. Curriculum proposals from University Curriculum Committee—all approved.


6. Notification by coaches for absences of BHSU athletes—email sent out to faculty. The athletes were advised to communicate with the professor teaching their course.


System-wide conference on academic quality (John Alsup), Jack Warner, BOR members attended a conference. 10 representatives from each of the regental institutions. There is an interest in developing ideas for improvement in academic quality. Book, Academically Adrift, mentioned.


5. The Counseling Center – tabled until next meeting.


7. Annual campus safety walk (November 29th) – tabled until next meeting.


8. Still looking for nominations for a Senator from the College of Business and Natural Sciences.


11. An update on the Campus Safety and Facilities Committee meeting (Kara Keeter)- tabled until next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 5:26


Minutes respectfully recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson

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