Faculty Senate Oct. 3 2012

Meier Hall 127

Members present: John Alsup, David Crawford, Aris Karagiorgakis, Parthasarathi Nag, Dorothy Fuller, Pam Carriveau, Jim Hesson, Kara Keeter, Rocky Maier (Student Senate President)

Visitors: Dr. Custer, Dr. Simpson, Dr. Martinez, Officer Pesheck

Item 1. Meeting called to order at 3:15.

Item 2. Agenda approved unanimously.

Item 3. Dr. Custer updates

1.     Recruitment trip to WY.

a.     Oct. 29-31, Five community colleges, articulations

                                                        i.     If there are any programs/classes that work particularly well as transfers into our majors, let Deans know.  If we have any recruitment materials, pass them along.

2.     Educational Outreach

a.     Decided to “fail” this search.  Didn’t elicit a workable pool of candidates.  New search focusing exclusively on educational outreach.

                                                        i.     Instructional designers are no longer in educational outreach.  Now report to Curtis Card.

                                                      ii.     This will be a different position from what Rajeev had.

3.     Distinguished Lectureship

a.     Idea stage:  Possibly in conjunction with Founder’s Day.  Select someone from campus to deliver an “interesting” distinguished lectureship that is reflective on their discipline.  They would know a year ahead of time that they would be giving this talk – time to prepare.  Broad and reflective on life experience in their field.

b.     This is still in the idea stage.  If faculty have any suggestions, please email Dr. Custer with any feedback.

Item 4. Dean Simpson’s presentation

1.     BHSU and WDT Articulation Agreement in Human Services

a.     This agreement would allow students from a few complementary programs at WDT to transfer to BHSU, major in Human Services, and complete a four-year degree with BHSU.  Students would still have to complete all BHSU general education, major, and minor requirements to get the four-year degree.

b.     This could be used as a recruitment opportunity for the Human Services major.

2.     Master of Science in Secondary Education

a.     Project SELECT/SECOND would be offered as graduate programs.  Students would be required to complete 35 credits at the graduate level.  Courses will be enhanced to require graduate level work.

b.     People interested in Project SELECT/SECOND would still have option of completing the teacher certification process without pursuing a graduate degree.

Item 5. Dr. Martinez and Purpose of General Education Statement

1.     Dr. Martinez presented the General Education Committee’s revised statement.  Discussion ensued regarding statement.  Senate voted to accept the statement with slight grammatical change.

Item 6. Approval of minutes from Sept. 19, 2012 tabled until next meeting.

Item 7. Review of the Video Surveillance Policy.

1.     Officer Pesheck presented background information about camera use on campus and the changes in the Video Surveillance Policy. 

2.     Senators asked about functionality of cameras at night, privacy issues (what is considered a “private area”, what about faculty offices), notification of use of cameras, cost of cameras, purposes behind use of cameras, audio recording, and placement of new cameras.

Item 8. Dr. Alsup made copies of the curriculum committee proposals.  He asks that senators please review and vote over email by October 10.

Item 9.  Dr. Keeter presented concerns about the BHSU smoking policy, signs, and smoking areas on campus.  Policy and signs seem to be unclear and/or ambiguous.  Efforts have been made to work with campus security but there seems to be confusion among campus security employees, faculty, and/or students as to where smoking is allowed or not allowed.  Dr. Keeter asked what the next action should be.  Dr. Hesson suggested taking this issue to the Campus Facilities and Safety Committee.

Meeting adjourned at  5:05pm.


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