Faculty Senate Minutes

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meier Hall 127

Members Present:

John Alsup, Pamela Carriveau, Gina Gibson, David Crawford, Jim Hesson, Dorothy Fuller, Aris Karagiorgakis, Parthasarathi Nag, Kara Keeter, Rocky Maier (Student Senate President). Visitors: Rodney Custer

1.  Call meeting to order – 3:19 p.m.

2. Approval of agenda

3. Dr. Custer’s presentation and Senate discussion

a.     The Engineering Technology (Industrial Technology) program

a.     Self support at University Center Rapid City

b.     Brought in outside consultant

c.     Pursuing ATMAE accreditation

d.     Working on formal name change to Engineering Technology

e.     Will be making changes to curriculum


b.     Faculty travel grants

a.     Deadline 09-28-12 to department chairs

b.     Committee of Deans will review and make suggestions

c.     Money for professional development

d.     View this as wide open not just money for conferences


c.     Academic summer camps for high school students

a.     Success with athletic camps

b.     Encouragement from BOR to increase academic summer camps

c.     Goal is that it would be self-sustaining

d.     Focus on student recruitment

e.     Goal to provide a good on-campus experience


d.     Educational Outreach

a.     In process of doing a search for Dean of Educational Outreach


e.     Faculty awards

a.     Put together a process: each college would have three awards, one for each college: Teaching, Scholarship, and Research

b.     These awardees would be selected in the spring and they would be announced and awarded at the first fall faculty meeting

c.     At Founders Day (Feb) there would be someone recognized for the entire university from the winners from the colleges

d.     Winners would become jury for next year

e.     Separate award for Instructors or Adjuncts?


4. Minutes approved from September 5, 2012 meeting with changes


5. Minutes approved from May 2, 2012 meeting with changes


6. Faculty Senate would like to invite Lois Flagstad and members of the Counseling Center to answer questions about the Counseling Center


7. The Purpose of General Education statement


            4 For

5 Against


8. Review of the video surveillance cameras policy to be reviewed next meeting


9. A progress report from the University Curriculum Committee. The committee will be meeting in the future.


10. Byron Hollowell’s Senate position is open.


10. Pam Carriveau to take the minutes for the October 3 meeting

Meeting adjourned at 4:39 PM

Minutes respectfully recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson

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