Faculty Senate Minutes 
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 
Meier Hall 205 
Approved May 2, 2012


Members Present: 

Kathleen Parrow, Gina Gibson, Parthasarathi Nag, Nancy Roberts, John Alsup, Jim Hesson, Kara Keeter, David Crawford, Chen Wu, Guest: Corinne Hansen 

Call meeting to order – 3:23 p.m. 

Approval of the Agenda with changes. 

Approval of minutes from April 4, 2012 meeting. 

Reminder April Senate elections. 

Draft of new BHSU Mission Statement: 

Black Hills State University is a master’s level university that promotes excellence in teaching and learning; supports research, creative and scholarly activities; and provides service to the state, region, nation and global community. BHSU provides innovative, high quality undergraduate (associate and baccalaureate) programs in the arts, humanities, education, behavioral sciences, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, business and technology as well as selected disciplines of strength at the graduate level. Black Hills State University is the only comprehensive University in western South Dakota. 

Overall well received. Approved with one grammatical change included above. 

Plus and minus grades. Results of our quick poll of BHSU Faculty: 44 said to keep it the way it is, 20 want plus and minus grades, and 12 wanted more information. SDSU’s suggestion was just a Senate Vote. We polled the entire faculty. 


General Education Committee and Library Committee, Faculty Senate voted to accept renewing all members. 

Appointments Committee needs someone from Business/Natural Sciences. 

Distinguished Faculty Committee will not change. 

Assessment Committee may need a representative from Faculty Senate. 

Emergency Planning update from Nancy Roberts. Card Access would be deactivated in an emergency. Interested in door bolt. Tornado plan exists and includes the basement of each building but there needs to be clear access to these basement spaces. Randy Culver mentioned we have designated building on-call people that have 24-hour access to the basements. Lois Flagstad is working on a one-page sheet for classroom use. Faculty Senate wants to draft an email to Dr. Custer about the need for faculty training in emergency situations. Is there interest for a campus forum in relation to gun laws that allow students to carry guns? Should the 

Emergency Planning Committee draft a resolution about how we feel about guns on campus? Faculty Senate is supportive of a discussion about this. 

Meeting adjourned 4:17 p.m. 

Minutes recorded and respectfully submitted by Gina Gibson. 

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