Faculty Senate Minutes 
Wednesday, April 4, 2012 
Meier Hall 205 
Approved April 18, 2012 

Members Present: 

Kathleen Parrow, Jami Stone, Gina Gibson, Parthasarathi Nag, Nancy Roberts, John Alsup, Jim Hesson, Chen Wu, David Crawford, Kara Keeter 

Call meeting to order – 3:19 p.m. 

Approval of the Agenda with changes 

Approval of minutes from March 29, 2012 meeting 

Nancy Roberts on proposals from Emergency committee. Concern that we need a 1-page procedure list that can be posted in each classroom. Also the procedures need to address disruptive students in the classroom. Could the procedure packet detail what security will be doing during an emergency? There is also a need for a 24-hour security presence on campus. Could all doors lock from the inside? Also concern for how the swipe card access would be used during an emergency. Could a sliding bolt be used as a cheap way to secure a room? Also need to evaluate emergency procedures as far as fire, tornados, etc. for all of the buildings on campus, especially high-traffic areas such as classrooms and residence halls. But it should be noted that the Faculty Senate is thrilled that these procedures are being addressed. 

Also concern for the mental health of our students. And there needs to be clear procedures for dealing with students who may be having problems during class. Could there be a “waiting area” or some type of place for these students to go rather than wait for an opening at the counseling center? 

Internet Classes. SDSU and USD have a webpage with all online classes and a list of syllabi, textbooks, and registration links. This would prevent us from needing to email our students the textbooks and syllabi separately before classes begin and D2L becomes available. This could be linked to WebAdvisor and perhaps linked to the BHSU Bookstore. 

We will get an additional $500,000 from the State to go into the base. 

April Senate elections, 3 positions available. 

Bylaws and committees. Revisions approved. 

Meeting adjourned 4:45 p.m. 

Minutes recorded and respectfully submitted by Gina Gibson. 

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