Faculty Senate Minutes 
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Meier Hall 127
Approved January 18, 2012 

Members Present: 
Kathleen Parrow, Gina Gibson, Pamela Carriveau, Parthasarathi Nag, Nancy Roberts, Chen Wu, John Alsup, Brittney Seitz-Student Senate President. 

Call meeting to order – 3:15 p.m. 

Approval of the Agenda. 

Approval of Minutes from November 16, 2011 meeting. 

Review of two sabbatical requests received by the Academic Affairs office. Faculty Senate recommends both requests. 

All Curriculum Proposals recommended by Faculty Senate: 

Substantial Program Modifications (128 to 120 hours): 

College of Business and Natural Science: 

BS Biology 

BS Business Administration (all specializations) 

BS Composite Chemistry 

BS Composite Environmental Physical Science 

BS Industrial Technology (all specializations) 

BS Physical Science 

BSED Biology 

BSED Business Education 

BSED Chemistry Teaching 

BSED Industrial Technology Education 

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences: 

BS Composite Outdoor Education 

BS Exercise Science (Management and Science specializations) 

BS Human Services 

BS Psychology 

BS Sociology 

BSED Composite Math & Science Teaching 

BSED Composite Science Teaching 

BSED Elementary Education 

BSED Physical Education 

BSED Special Education 

College of Liberal Arts: 

BA Art 

BA English 

BA History 

BS American Indian studies 

BS Art 

BS Communication Arts 

BS Composite Communication/English 

BS Corporate Communication 

BS Composite Music 

BS English 

BS History 

BS Mass Communication 

BS Mathematics 

BS Political Science 

BS Social Science 

BS Speech/Speech Communication 


BSED Composite Communication/English 

BSED Composite Communication/Speech 

BSED English 

BSED History 

BSED Mathematics 

BSED Speech/Speech Communication 

(BA and BSED Spanish were approved previously by the UCC and the Senate.) 

Substantial Program Modifications (reduction from 130 to 127 hours): 

Early Childhood/Special Education (The college is submitting a waiver of the 120 hour requirement to BOR.) 

Substantial Program Modifications (reduction from 64 to 60 hours): 

AS Tourism/Hospitality Management 

AS Industrial Technology 

Minor Program Modification 

BS Corporate Communication (add MCOM 373 Public Relations Case Study as an elective choice) 

Minor Course Modifications (course deletions): 

TECH 112 Technical Drafting I 

TECH 229 Computer Hardware Technologies 

Minor Course Modifications (prerequisite changes): 

TECH 212 CAD Mechanical Drafting I 

TECH 441 Computer Aided Manufacturing 

TECH 445 Machine Integration 

Minor Course Modifications (title change): 

TECH 342 Lean Implementation (change to Lean Management) 

Some new information on Institutional Control, the BHSU Athletics Administrative Council, and NCAA rules: The Athletics Administration Council is currently reviewing and revising our formal procedures for issues like those taking place at Penn State (Coach/Athlete relations). Also, there is a change that comes with NCAA affiliation: Student Athletes involved in sports that are not in season will not be practicing, and cannot have contact with their coaches, during the week before and the week of Final Exams. 

Appointments Committee discussed. 

Possible pay raise discussed. 

Distinguished Faculty Award discussed. 

Meeting Adjourned 4:02. 

Minutes respectfully recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson. 

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