Faculty Senate Minutes 
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 
Meier Hall 127 
(Approved December 7, 2011) 

Members Present: 
Kathleen Parrow, Gina Gibson, Pamela Carriveau, Parthasarathi Nag, Kara Keeter, Nancy Roberts, Chen Wu, Jim Hesson, John Alsup, Brittney Seitz-Student Senate President, Micheline Nelson-proxy for Jami Stone, Cynthia Chandler-faculty visitor, and visitor Provost Rodney Custer. 

Call meeting to order – 3:15 p.m. 

Approval of the Agenda 

Approval of Minutes from November 2, 2011 meeting (sent via e-mail) 

Visitors: Gary Aguiar, state president of COHE, talked about the status of the current BOR-COHE contract negotiations. And Loren Paul, UniServ Director, SD Education Association. Paul works with members one-on-one from K-12 and HigherEd. Aguiar and Paul attend all BOR meetings. 

According to Aguiar new faculty will need to join the COHE mailing list (http://sdcohe.com/ ) if they wish to receive COHE’s electronic newsletters and bargaining updates. Aguiar wants the ability to email every faculty member in the bargaining unit. 

COHE is the bargaining power for the 1200 faculty in the SD system. SD is a right-to- work state, which means no one can be forced to join the union. There is also not an agency fee. Public employees in the state of SD do not have the right to strike. They do not have binding arbitration. The COHE state board includes each campus COHE president and one elected representative from each campus. 

COHE has the responsibility to speak for the faculty. Only 15 percent of the faculty are dues-paying COHE members. The membership fee is around $576 year. There was some discussion of benefits of COHE membership, such as liability insurance. 

BOR-COHE contract negotiation issues currently in dispute: 

Intellectual Property: The BOR wants to remove Intellectual Property (Appendix R in the contract) out of negotiable items, but they are willing to discuss royalties. In regards to intellectual property, the changes are for deadlines for disclosure to the university. Aguiar states that there is an option for COHE to file an unfair labor practice if BOR did not bargain in good faith. Due to not being able to reach an agreement, it is likely that they will have to declare an impasse again. 

Re-creation of Library Ranks: BOR wants to create a series of ranks. They want the librarians’ research to be tied to their duties. This would mean that new librarians would be hired on term contract rather than on tenure track. 

Cost of living increase for faculty. Faculty are the only state employees that are not allowed to get an across-the-board cost of living increase. We cannot even bargain for an across-the-board cost of living increase. There is a request to repeal this law. There is also one proposal is to increase everyone’s pay by $1000. 

One success from current negotiations: faculty now get 8% for self-support/overload courses such as summer courses, it was 7%. 

Performance averaging (3 year) for salary increase. This will determine the merit portion of the salary increase. 

New Faculty Senate Constitution is approved. During our April election there will be an open seat in each college. 

Update on Distinguished Faculty Award procedures. Eligibility is not changing. Department chairmen are eligible. In order to be eligible the faculty member needs to teach a minimum of 36 hours over the last 3 years. Nominations will be made to the Faculty Senate VP. Nominations will remain secret. The nominator is responsible for collecting three letters of support. The nominator is responsible for getting the nominee’s vita from his or her department chair. The three letters of support and vita are due by February 15. The selection committee will be comprised of previous winners. 

Faculty voted to accept the new procedures for the Distinguished Faculty Award. 

Schedule February 29th meeting (5th Wednesday) so that we can meet about the Distinguished Faculty Member. 

Meeting Adjourned 4:50 

Minutes respectfully recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson 

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