Faculty Senate Minutes
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 
Meier Hall 127 
Approved October 5, 2011 


Members Present: 
Kathleen Parrow; Parthasarathi Nag; Nancy Roberts; Jim Hesson; Chen Wu; John Alsup; Pamela Carriveau; Jami Stone, Kara Keeter. 

Visiting Faculty: Micheline Nelson 

Meeting called to order – 3:17 p.m. 

Approval of the Agenda. 

Approval of Minutes from September 7, 2011 meeting. 

Discussion of Listening Lunches. These were designed to give faculty an opportunity to meet with the Provost. What role (if any) should other administrators play during the listening lunches? Do chairs consider themselves faculty or administrators? Should administrators use a faculty forum to voice concerns about the administration? 

Dr. Rodney Custer visited the Faculty Senate. 


Discussion of faculty governance and shared governance. 

Discussion of proposed BOR policy to graduations requirements at 120 credit hours. 

If proposed policy is adopted then cuts may come from the “free electives” instead of general education or major requirements. 

The timeframe for curriculum changes was also discussed. Programs needing the make changes to their major requirements would begin the process early (by January) in order the meet the proposed BOR deadline. 

Discussion of hidden prerequisites. 

Discussion of status of composite majors. 

Discussion regarding a professional advising office. 

Discussion of Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity on campus. 

“School Research Coordinators” will act as liaison between administration and faculty. 

-will share grant information with faculty 

-communicate research needs to administration 

Motion to adjourn at 4:55. 

Minutes recorded and submitted by Pamela Carriveau 

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