Faculty Senate Minutes
Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Meier Hall 204
Approved May 4, 2011

Members Present:
Kathleen Parrow; Gina Gibson; Parthasarathi Nag; Nancy Roberts; David Crawford; Adam Bailey; Jim Hesson; Jami Stone.

Meeting called to order – 3:18 p.m. Approval of the Agenda with revisions. Approval of Minutes from April 6, 2011 meeting. All Curriculum Proposals Approved:

Adding a Common Course:
MATH 221 Intro: Discrete Mathematics

Minor Program Modification:
BSEd Composite Social Science-Teaching (replace PSYC 305/L with PSYC 302/L) BS Mathematics (delete MATH 123L and MATH 125L & add MATH 221) BSEd Mathematics (delete MATH 123L and MATH 125L & add MATH 221)

Substantive Program Modifications:
Mass Communication: Minor Emphasis in Broadcasting (change name “Broadcasting” to “Telecommunications” & reduce hours to 18).

BS Physical Science (new major jointly with DSU) Business Administration Minor (delete and add courses; reduce hours to 18) Economics Minor (delete course, reduce hours to 18) Economics Minor-Teaching (delete course, reduce hours to 21)

Reminder: Spring Faculty Senate elections in April; officers elected in May.

Proposed Bylaw change (for consideration at May 4th meeting), Article III – Schedule of Senate Meetings. Section 1, Currently it states: The Faculty Senate shall establish its meeting dates for the year at its first regularly scheduled meeting of the year. Replace with: The Faculty Senate shall schedule meetings for the afternoon of the first and third Wednesdays of each month from September to May, with the exception that there will be only one meeting scheduled in May. Section 2, The second meeting of the month will be held if there are any agenda items.

Distinguished Faculty Award, Jami Stone gave an update from a meeting with Kristi Pearce. Members of committee should be comprised from all colleges. Also process of what is expected of nominee streamlined. Rather than several pages now it would be 3 pages. Letters of recommendation should only be one page. Discussion ensued.

Concern that students are not responding to the IDEA surveys.

Meeting adjourned at 4:12 p.m.

Minutes recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson.

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