Faculty Senate Minutes 
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 
Meier Hall 204 
Approved April 20, 2011 

Members Present: 
President: Kathleen Parrow, Jami Stone, Gina Gibson, Parthasarathi Nag, Nancy Roberts, Sonya Pagel, David Crawford, Adam Bailey, Brittney Seitz. 

Meeting called to order at 3:16 p.m. 

Agenda Approved with revisions. Approval of revised Minutes from March 16, 2011 meeting. 

Openings for Faculty Senate, two for Arts and Sciences, one from Education. 

3:30—Beth Oakes spoke about academic advising during New Student Registration in the summer. She updated us on procedures and asked for suggestions/feedback on how to collaborate with faculty during the summer to make sure there are enough faculty advisors available during each summer registration session. Stone suggested hardcopy academic catalogs. Stone also suggested to assign students to particular faculty members. Crawford suggested a folder be created for each student that would be used to streamline and organize the process of advising. The goal is 3 students per faculty member. 

4:00—Myron Sullivan did a public safety update. Public Safety has hired new personnel, Dave Iverson. Most drug and alcohol abuse has moved off campus. One attempted suicide. Ipods are the biggest theft item. Several students involved in gun theft. Public safety will be putting in cameras. They will be in the Student Union, Woodburn, and the new Science Building. There will also be cameras in the new Higher Education Center in Rapid City. There is a Students of Concern Committee. Faculty are encouraged to bring concerns about students to this committee. Update about parking. Myron hopes to paint bike path lines. Bike program is still working well. Concern about visitor parking and tickets. 


MIS 262 Internetworking (Minor Modification: change title to E-commerce and change pre-req) 

MIS 262 E-commerce (Revised Course Request: change course description) 

MIS 280 Network Administration & Management (Minor Modification: change title to Business Networking and change pre-req) 

MIS 280 Business Networking (Revised Course Request: change course description). 

Approved by Faculty Senate. 

Updates: Graduate Curriculum proposals—procedures at college level. President Schallenkamp indicated these do need faculty review at the college level. 

Report from sub-committee for Distinguished Faculty Award. Faculty that received the most votes from that college would be the nominee. Three letters of support that the nominator would solicit for the nominated faculty member. Distinguished Faculty committee could be made up of former recipients if possible. 

Faculty Senate expressed an interest in meeting with VP candidates. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:53 p.m. 

Minutes recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson. 

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