Faculty Senate Minutes 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 

Meier Hall 204 

(Approved April 6, 2011) 


Members Present: 

President: Kathleen Parrow, Jami Stone, Gina Gibson, Parthasarathi Nag, Sasha Pursley, Nancy Roberts, Jim Hesson, David Crawford, Adam Bailey, Brittney Seitz. 


Meeting called to order at 3:16 p.m. 


Agenda Approved with revisions. 


Approval of revised Minutes from March 2, 2011 meeting. 


Curriculum: SPAN 211 Intermediate Oral Practice I (add a common course) approved by Faculty Senate. Motion by Nag, second by Stone. 


Procedures for Distinguished Faculty Award nomination, etc., for future (the current process and the Faculty Handbook are very different), Jami took the lead on this discussion. Concern that there is a lot of work for someone who is nominated. Also concern about the lack of clarity in regards to the timeline and procedures. There are several sets of conflicting information from various sources. Pursley suggested a sub-committee be created to work on this. Committee will be comprised of Pursley, Stone, and Hesson. 


Committees need to be evaluated and terms set as needed. 


Graduate Curriculum proposals—procedures at college level. These are inconsistent in the colleges and in one case, faculty are being bypassed. Should the Senate make a recommendation? Discussion ensued. Faculty Senate recommends that Graduate Curriculum proposals need to be reviewed by faculty at the college level. This may also be discussed with the VPAA. 


Discussion of placing meeting time for Faculty Senate in the Faculty Senate by-laws. 


Reminder: Spring Faculty Senate elections in April. 


Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m. 


Minutes recorded by and submitted by Gina Gibson. 

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