Faculty Senate Minutes 
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 
Meier Hall 204 
Approved March 16, 2011 

Called meeting to order at 3:15 

Agenda approved with additions 

Present: Kathleen Parrow, Gina Gibson, Parthasarathi Nag, Sonya Pagel, Sasha Pursley, Nancy Roberts, David Crawford, Adam Bailey, Jim Hesson, Jami Stone, Brittney Seitz 

-Approval of Minutes from February 16, 2001 with revisions. 

-Curriculum Proposals discussed and recommended: 

HLTH 461 Instructor Training in CPR (delete) 

MUS 130 Music Literature (change number to MUS 135) 

Management Information System Minor (revise requirements and reduce to 18 hours) 

-Distinguished Faculty Award discussed. 

-Financial Aid Committee, faculty senate representative requested. Sasha Pursley offered to be on the committee. 

-April 13 employee awards ceremony. 

-Faculty Senate Committee Responsibilities paperwork passed out and discussed. 

Draft will be created by Parrow and Stone for by-laws and specifics in regard to Faculty Senate committee service. 

Faculty Senate is going to recommend Nag and Roberts be placed on the Library/Educational Media Committee. 

-IDEA survey link will be sent out by individual faculty. 

-IDEA survey, Academic Affairs Council to discuss how often the IDEA survey should be administered. 

-Sabbaticals discussed. 

-Discussion of changing hours required for graduation: 18 hours for minors, 120 hours for majors. 

-MyEdu website, deal made by student life in regards to purchasing books, discussion ensued. 

-Academic Dishonesty form ready for use. 

-IT Faculty Survey, changes made to survey already. Basically the survey is liked by Faculty Senate. 

-Emergency protocol for classrooms-report of progress by Nancy Roberts. Questions should include more extreme situations. The difference between disturbing and threatening behavior should be discussed. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:43 PM 

Minutes recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson 

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