Faculty Senate Minutes
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 
Meier Hall 204
Approved March 2, 2011 

Present – Kathleen Parrow, Parthasarathi Nag, Jim Hesson, Adam Bailey, Sasha Pursley, Gina Gibson, Nancy Roberts, David Crawford, Sonya Pagel, Brittney Seitz 

Called to order 3:15 

Agenda approved with additions 

Approval of February 2nd minutes 


Reports from various meetings: 

Update on the Provost Search. 

Update on the Feb 11th Meeting with Dr. Warner. 

Student Opinion Surveys. 

Explanation for possible budget cuts. 

Self Support was not figured into the cuts. 

There was a question as to how we have funding for our building projects and the extension courses offered in Rapid City Courses. 

Update on the Feb 15th recap meeting with President Schallenkamp. 

Discussion of possible budget cuts. 

Academic Dishonesty Form, general consensus that the new form works well. But we want to know if we can type into the form. 

IT Survey, do we want to include instructional design questions in the survey? General consensus that the instructional design questions should not be included in the IT Survey because they are separate on campus. Also, for the IT survey their needs to be a Does Not Apply or N/A option. The Library Survey was brought up and several faculty had trouble filling out the survey because there was no Does Not Apply or N/A option. 

Emergency Protocol for classrooms, what should faculty do in an emergency situation? There needs to be protocol posted in each classroom. We also discussed the need for an emergency service on campus for students who manifest behavioral problems. Sub-Committee created for Emergency Protocol, including Pursley, Roberts, Nag, and Brittney Seitz. 

Student Senate, another group going to Pierre on March 1st

Further discussion of IDEA surveys. 

Meeting Adjourned 4:29 PM. Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Gibson. 

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