Faculty Senate Minutes
February 2, 2011
Approved February 16, 2011 

Present – Kathleen Parrow, Mary Jones, Parthasarathi Nag, Jim Hesson, Sasha Pursley, Gina Gibson, Nancy Roberts, Jami Stone, Brittney Seitz (Student Senate President), David Crawford, Adam Bailey 

Dr. Shane Sarver was also in attendance. 

Called to order 3:25 

Agenda approved with additions 

Approval of January 19th minutes 


Dr. Sarver discussed the Research Advisory Committee and faculty research funding in regard to past policies and possible future funding. 

The following curriculum proposals were discussed and approved: 

  • BADM 334 Small Business Management (removal of BHSU pre-req) 
  • MIS 152 Programming for the Web (revised unique course) 
  • MIS 225 Business Data Management (revised unique course) 
  • MIS 425 Software Project Management (revised unique course) 
  • Marketing Minor (Substantive Program Modification) 
  • LEAN Concepts and Management Certificate 
  • BS in Composite Chemistry (Minor Program Modification) 
  • CHEM 342L Physical Chemistry I Lab (add common course) 
  • CHEM 344L Physical Chemistry II Lab (add common course) 
  • CHEM 452 Inorganic Chemistry (add common course) 
  • CHEM 452L Inorganic Chemistry Lab (add common course) 

The ad for the Provost position has been reviewed. 

Dr. Parrow met with the President and Provost to discuss – legislative conference call every Friday afternoon at 3:00 is open to everyone. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Crackerbarrel at Spearfish High School at 9AM on Saturday the 5th. The campus budget forums were also discussed. 

Other topics discussed : Faculty comments about the IdEA surveys from fall and the Listening Lunch with Dr. Pearce, budget suggestions, and Distinguished Faculty nominations 

Adjourned at 4:50 

Minutes recorded and submitted by Mary Jones, Faculty Senate Secretary 

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