Faculty Senate Minutes 
December 1st, 2010 
Meier Hall 127 
Approved January 19, 2011 

Members present: 
A&S Members: 
Gina Gibson (Spring 2013); Parthasarathi Nag (Spring 2011); Sonya Pagel (Spring 2013); Sasha Pursley (Spring 2012); Nancy Roberts (one-year replacement for Kathleen Parrow) 
B&T Members: 
Adam Bailey [fall semester proxy for David Crawford (Spring 2013)]; Chen Wu (Spring 2012) 
COE Members: 
Jim Hesson (Spring 2013); Jami Stone (Spring 2012) 


  • Minutes called to order at 3:20 
  • Agenda approved. 
  • Minutes were not available for approval. 
  • Discussed sabbatical policy and procedures before voting on five sabbatical requests. The Senate recommended all sabbatical requests. 
  • Curriculum proposal for a Minor Program Modification of the Middle School Minor (delete ENGL 306 and replace with ENGL 304) discussed. Motion/second to approve. Motion carried. 
  • Kathleen Parrow reported on meetings. 
  • Discussed advising. 
  • Adjourned at 4:40.  

Minutes recorded and submitted by Gina Gibson 

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