Faculty Senate Minutes
November 3rd, 2010
Approved November 17, 2010

Present – Kathleen Parrow, Mary Jones, Bobbi Sago, Parthasarathi Nag, Jim Hesson, Chen Wu, Adam Bailey, Chris Opitz, Sasha Pursley, Sonya Pagel, Gina Gibson

Called to order 3:15

Agenda approved with additions

Approval of October 6th and October 20th minutes


  • Curriculum Proposals – discussion of minor program modifications for English classes – approved:
    • ENGL 306 Grammar for the English Teacher (delete)
    • Minor Program Modifications (Replace ENGL 306 with ENGL 304):
      • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
      • Composite Communications/English Major-Teaching
      • English Minor-Teaching
    • Minor Program Modifications (Replace ENGL 306 w/ ENGL 304 & restrict electives)
      • English Major-Teaching
    • Minor Program Modifications (Restrict electives)
      • English Major (BA)
      • English Major (BS)
    • Composite Communications/English Major (BS)
      • English Minor
  • General Education Task Force – Senate discussed the mission of the Task Force, its composition and its relationship to the Senate’s General Education Requirements Committee and began working on a draft to present to Provost Haney.
  • Senate Committees – discussed verifying records associated with each committee to be certain various committees have valid working documents
  • Parrow and Jones met with President Schallenkamp and Provost Haney to discuss various topics
  • Gibson has researched the possibility of a Senate webpage and will follow up with marketing
  • Request for discussion of Academic Dishonesty procedures at next Senate meeting, and Senate Committees, General Education Task Force, curriculum proposals

Adjourned at 5:00

Minutes recorded and submitted by Mary Jones, Faculty Senate Secretary


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