Headshot1.jpgWelcome to my BHSU website. My name is David Scarborough and I am an Associate Professor of Management at Black Hills State University in the College of Business and Technology. As the major professor in Human Resources, I teach a variety of upper division and graduate classes in management and HR.

Before joining BHSU in August of 2006, I spent the first twenty years of my career in industry. Between my MBA (1981) and Ph.D.(1995), I worked in H.R. for a number of large corporations including Bell Helicopter Textron, General Dynamics and American Airlines. After finishing my doctorate, I worked for two Industrial/Organizational Psychology consulting firms before joining a successful start-up software firm that was recently acquired by Kronos Corporation of Boston. I maintain an employment relationship with Kronos as Scientist at Large which allows me to continue my research and involvement with the business community. For more detail on my background click on the profile section above.

I have wanted to be a college professor most of my adult life but it took awhile. Before and during college, in chronological order, I held employment as a dishwasher, a janitor, a waiter, a grocery clerk, an agricultural worker, a drilling rig rough neck, a manure truck driver, a security guard, a lifeguard, a receptionist, a school bus driver, a factory worker and a psychiatric attendant. These jobs do not appear on my vita but the education they provided was every bit as important as anything I learned at a university.

Going to college and being in a university environment is an honor and a privilege that most people never experience. A univeristy education is your gift to yourself and it will repay the hard work required many times over. Work hard. Study hard. Have some fun. College rocks!