Accessing Email Accounts


All DSU students have a Webmail account.

Your email login ID and password will be sent to you either by mail or via email.

To access DSU Webmail, click here.

A pop-up window will display, enter your login ID and password to check your mail.

If you have questions regarding your email account, contact at


How to Activate Your SDSU Email

  1. Ready to begin the account activation process? Click here to get started.
  2. You will be asked to enter you Jacks email address. To find this address:
    • Look on the green 'Student Profile' sheet found in your New Student Orientation package.
    • If this information is not located there or you do not have this sheet handy, you can search for your email address.  To do so, you will need your student ID, WebAdvisor ID, and birth date.
  3. You will then be asked to enter your default password. This is you is your 7-digit student ID number.
  4. After you successfully log in, you will be prompted to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and complete the remaining steps until your account activation is complete.

*Keep in mind these accounts are provided by Microsoft's Windows Live program, so you will be redirected to a Windows Live sign in page.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Support Desk at 605-688-6776.


How to Activate Your BHSU Email

  1. Click on “Email” in the upper right corner of this page or click here.
  2. When the new window opens, under “Student Email” click on “Login Help.”
  3. A new page will appear and click “Accept.”
  4. Follow the instructions to retrieve your email address and password. 
  5.  Once you have your login information, go to the email login page and enter your information to login to your email account.

The BHSU Computer Center needs at least 24 hours to create your email account. If it isn’t ready the first time you try, wait a day and try again. If you are still having difficulty you will need to contact the BHSU Help Desk at 605-642-6580.

BHSU strives to be a paperless university; thus, important information comes to you in your email and in your email only; so it is extremely important that you check it regularly for important information regarding your academic career.


Your login credentials for both the NSU network and e-mail are the same.

If you submitted a registration form to NSU’s Extended Studies office, you’ll receive an e-mail confirming your course registration - wait 24 hours then follow the steps listed below.

How to Activate Your NSU Email

  1. Go to NSU Network Password Reset web page
  2. Enter your new Student ID # (from the e-mail confirming your registration).
  3. Enter your Date of Birth or
  4. Enter the last 4 digits of your social security
  5. Click “Reset Password”
  6. A screen will show your NSU e-mail address and a D2L/WebAdvisor Username & Password 


How to Activate Your USD Email

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your identification information
  3. Read and Accept the Appropriate Use Policy
  4. Set up 2 security questions
  5. Create your new password 

Email and WebAdvisor are your lifelines to your university. 

It is important that email is checked regularly to make certain that you are informed of any academic issues/requirements.

Click on your home University’s name below for instructions on setting up your university email account.

**All students taking a BHSU class have a BHSU email account regardless of their home university.**