With BHSU-Rapid City's block schedule, students take one class at a time, typically three hours each day for 18 days. They get a short break and then move on to the next class. By taking four classes or "blocks" during the semester, students earn the same number of credits they'd earn under the traditional semester-long schedule. 

Why a block schedule?

Students are able to focus on one class at a time. No longer must students focus on multiple courses. If you love your class, you're free to obsess over it. Not your thing? It's over in three and a half weeks. 

Because of the nature of the 18-day course, students' learning will be fast-paced, collaborative, and project-oriented. While students can take standard semester-long courses during the semester as well as 18-day block courses, students should realize the demanding nature of the block schedule, which will call for a heightened level of discipline and dedication.