Frequently Asked Questions

What are the income benefits of increasing higher education attainment?

When I graduate, from where do I receive my degree?
Graduates receive their diplomas from the institution of their degree program. The diploma is the same as having completed a program on campus.

How can I start taking courses at BHSU-RC?
Make an appointment with

Can I start my undergraduate degree at BHSU-RC?
Students will complete their Freshman and Sophomore years at BHSU-RC through BHSU and then continue into their junior and senior year through the regental school offering their program in Rapid City or transfer to that home campus or another school not in the SD BOR. Please consult with the Student Support Specialist at BHSU-RC – 718-4077.

How does the cost of attending BHSU-RC compare to a home campus?
Students attending BHSU-RC will pay tuition and a semester parking fee. No other fees are assessed at BHSU-Rapid City.

How do I choose the right program for me?
Consult with the Student Support Specialist at BHSU-RC – 718-4077.