Volume XXVI  No. 13 • March 29, 2002

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Employees will be recognized for dedication and commitment  - Top

Eight Black Hills State University employees will be recognized for their dedication and commitment at the president’s recognition tea, April 30 from 2:30 to 4 p.m. in the Miller Student Union Yellow Jacket Legacy Room.

Receiving recognition, based upon nominations from colleagues, are Don Altmyer, associate professor of business, outstanding community service award; Micheline Hickenbotham, education instructor, outstanding student service award; Arnie Hemmingson, chief information officer, Jim Knutson, art professor, and Diane Mabey, child care center coordinator, outstanding university service awards; Myron Sullivan, environmental, health safety and parking officer and Keith Smith, university/Spearfish police officer, outstanding area awards; and Dr. David Salomon, assistant professor of English, special committee award.

Altmyer’s support and dedication to establishing a 19-hole disk golf course on campus, his commitment to the Optimist Club grant program for area youth, and his work in promoting the stock market simulation game across the state were cited in his nomination.

Hemmingson is to be honored for his expertise in technical areas, his recent efforts in remodeling the library, his upgrades in the computer and network infrastructure, and his work with fellow employees. He is a problem solver who sees the big picture and gets the job done.

Knutson will be acknowledged for his long-standing work with the Ruddell Art Gallery, his grant writing efforts and his creative talents in expanding an appreciation of arts at the university and throughout the community.  

Mabey will be cited for her abilities to successfully manage 30 employees and direct a child-care center serving 70 children. She spends countless hours working with her employees, doing administrative work and caring for children while taking self-improvement classes to keep current with new and innovative concepts.

Sullivan Smith

Sullivan and Smith are appreciated for their around-the-clock efforts in providing a safe environment for faculty, staff and students and spending extra time solving a myriad of problems. They bring full-service professional police and safety practices to the campus.

Salomon will be recognized for his efforts to make a difference on campus through his involvement with the foreign-film series and additional university programs and activities. His efforts to serve students and be active in faculty and campus issues are commendable.

Wallerstein delivers paper at national writing conference - Top

Dr. Nicholas Wallerstein, assistant professor of English, traveled to Chicago last week to deliver a paper at the 52nd annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).


Wallerstein's paper was titled "Form As Content: Using Aristotle's Rhetorical 'Species' for Literary Interpretation." The paper traced methods by which students can be introduced to Aristotle's species of rhetoric--deliberative, judicial, and epideictic--through literature and film.

Wallerstein has been at BHSU since 1997. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Oregon, and a master's degree in theology from Harvard.

Norby will present paper - Top

Dr. Rena Faye Norby, assistant professor of education, is presenting a paper entitled "A Study of Changes in Attitude Towards Science in a Technology Based College Science Classroom."

The annual meeting of the National Association

for Research in Science Teaching, will be April 9 in New Orleans, La.  

Norby joined the education faculty at Black Hills State in the fall of 1987. She has a Ph.D. in science education as well as master’s degrees in physics and secondary education from Georgia State University. She earned her undergraduate degree in physics from Emory University, Ga.

Website adds new features - Top

Two new features—a bulletin board and a multimedia section—have been developed for the BHSU website.

The bulletin board, called My BHSU bulletin board, provides three message areas. The “off-campus housing” area will include listings of rental vacancies and allows students to search for either housing or additional roommates. The “need a ride” area allows commuters to arrange ride sharing and offers students an opportunity to post requests for rides. The third area, “buy and sell” gives both students and faculty the opportunity to post for sale or items wanted messages to establish

an exchange within the BHSU campus community.

The second new element of the website is a section offering BHSU promotional screensavers for as a free download. This multimedia page can be accessed from the “quick links” button on the BHSU home page. Two screensavers, which work on Windows computers, are available now, with more to be developed.

The link is available at:  <http://webview.bhsu.edu/bulletin> and can also be reached through quick links.

BHSU to host presentations by language and psychology scholars - Top

Dr. Anne C. Klein, a well-known author and translator of Asian languages, and Dr. Harvey Aronson, a psychotherapist and teacher of Buddhist psychology, will speak on the Black Hills State University campus. Both speakers will give two different presentations, April 12 and April 15 in Jonas Hall room 305.

The first presentation is Friday, April 12 when Klein will present “Language, Logic and Enlightenment: A Pan-Buddhist Dialogue” at 11 a.m. and Aronson will present “Reflections on Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective” at noon.

Monday, April 15 Aronson will present “Anger in Cross Cultural Perspective” at 9 a.m. in Jonas Hall room 302 and Klein will present “Buddhism and the Body: It’s Not All in the Mind After All” at 10 a.m.

Klein is the author, editor or translator of a number of books and articles on Buddhism, She is currently a professor and chairperson of the religious studies department at Rice University in Houston, Texas. An eminent scholar in the field of religious studies, Klein is currently interested in incorporating

cross-cultural studies and contemporary feminist thought into her work.

Aronson is a psychotherapist and teacher of Buddhist psychology. Since receiving his doctorate in Buddhist studies from the University of Wisconsin, he has taught at the University of Virginia and at Stanford University. He knows the languages of Sanskrit, Pali and Tibetan. He also has a master’s degree in social work and is interested in the relationship of Buddhist meditation to physical and mental health. Aronson is the founding co director of Dawn Mountain: Tibetan Temple, Research Institute, and Community Center in Houston, Texas. The center's mission is to preserve and present authentic traditional Buddhist practices while investigating ways of making it accessible to modern Westerners.

The Bush Grant Committee at BHSU is sponsoring these speakers whose interests encompass language, culture, religion, literature, and psychology.  There is no charge and the public is encouraged to consider this opportunity to learn about another culture and worldview.

Music department to present spring concert - Top

The Black Hill Gold Jazz Singers and Black Hills Jazz/Rock Ensemble will present a spring concert Thursday, April 4 at 7:30 p.m.  in the Student Union Jacket Legacy Room. The concert is open to the public at no charge.

BH Reading Council receives state literacy award - Top

“United We Read,” a literary project initiated by the Black Hills State University Reading Council, was recently selected as recipient of the South Dakota Literary Award by the state reading council.

The BHSU reading organization, under the direction of Micheline Hickenbotham, created a group project that involved a book quilt and incorporated the themes of diversity and tolerance as part of its message.

Events of Sept. 11, 2001, caused council members to re-evaluate their focus from multicultural events to unity. They elected to include student members of the LaMasa Club, a campus multicultural organization, in their activities, too.

“By using this event to educate parents, teachers, and prospective teachers about diversity and tolerance, the BHSU Reading Council hopes to influence children to understand and develop the ability to cope with hate and prejudice,” Hickenbotham said. “As children and adults share books and design quilt pieces, books are perceived as a medium to enjoy and learn together.”

Members of the BHSU Reading Council were honored recently as recipients of the South Dakota Literary Award for their book-quilt project titled “United We Read.” Standing in front of the book quilt are Micheline Hickenbotham, advisor, Ruth Reichert, treasurer, Missy Urbaniak, vice president, Lori Petersen, president, and Wendy Emerson, secretary.

BHSU community outreach supports RSVP organization with help from a federal grant - Top

Community outreach efforts at Black Hill State University resulted in a $50,400 grant to support the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in a three-country area.

The university recently received notification of a $50,400 federal grant from the Corporation For National Community Service to sponsor the RSVP program in Lawrence, Meade and Butte counties. Banner Health in Spearfish had sponsored program, but gave up sponsorship when it recently sold its health services property.

Bob Stanelle, career services director at BHSU, will serve as sponsor representative for the university. He will be working with Kathy Schneider, Spearfish RSVP director, and Ruth Lettau, Sturgis, RSVP coordinator.  

According to Stanelle the local RSVP

organization includes approximately 450 volunteers working 98,500 hours a year at 76 different locations or stations in Butte, Lawrence and Meade counties. Volunteers can also serve in a program such as Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, and Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA). They all fall under the National Corporation for National and Community Service funding umbrella and the National Senior Service Corps.            

Schneider who has been with RSVP for the past 15 years said, “We have nonprofit organizations in the community that would have a difficult time existing if they didn’t have volunteers. Those stations can call for volunteers to do mailings and provide office assistance. We try to match the interests of volunteers to the needs of the requesting station.”

Career center to host teacher job fair - Top

The Black Hills State University Career Center is hosting a teacher job fair Friday, April 19 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the Student Union Jacket Legacy Room.

The Black Hills Teacher Job Fair offers beginning and experienced teacher candidates the opportunity to meet with representatives from 56 school districts throughout the nation. More than 1,000 teaching positions will be

available.  The job fair gives students the opportunity to explore career options in the field of education and interview for employment. 

There is no pre-registration required for this job fair. For a list of school districts registered or for more information see the website at www.bhsu.edu/careers or call the Career Center at 642-6277.

Instructional improvement grants available - Top

The Instructional Improvement Committee (IIC) encourages, through monetary grants, the application of existing knowledge to specific teaching situations to improve the quality of instruction at BHSU.

Any full-time faculty member, full-time adjunct faculty, or other full-time staff member engaged in student instruction may apply for grant funds administered by the committee. Grant funding will normally be available up to a maximum of $1,000 per project. Priority will be given to projects that will have a broad-based, visible, continuing impact of instruction across faculty members and/or disciplines. Funds are available for development of materials and methods to improve teaching and learning, equipment to enhance teaching and learning, travel to conferences or workshops which enhance teaching and learning, and bringing consulting lecturers and teaching specialists to campus to offer presentations to and/or with faculty and teaching-support staff at BHSU. 

Faculty members who apply for grants to support travel to a conference or workshop are limited to receiving no more than one grant every three years.  In the other categories, priority will be given to those who have not received an IIC grant in the last academic year.  

Proposals for grant funding will be reviewed by the IIC on a monthly basis. The deadline for submission will be the last Friday of each month; a decision will be made as soon as practicable on each proposal.  Eleven copies of the proposals should be submitted to the grants and special projects office in Woodburn 218, or to the chair of the committee, Sharon Strand. Proposals will consist of the proposal and budget outlines following the specified format available at the grants and special projects web page

Faculty research funds available - Top  

The faculty-research committee has funds available for the current fiscal year. Write a short (about three-page) proposal. Proposal forms are available at the grants office or can be printed out from their webpage.

It is anticipated that successful applicants will request support for faculty release time, research equipment, travel to research sites or research support for the production of creative work. Preference is given to new applicants, particularly in the areas of education, business, social sciences

and humanities. The next application deadline is Friday, April 5 at 2 p.m. Twelve copies of the application should be submitted to the Grants & Special Projects Office, Woodburn 218, or to Dr. Farrokhi, Chair, Woodburn 314.

The applicants are encouraged to contact the committee members for advice prior to completing their proposals. The members are John Alsup, Steve Anderson, Lyle Cook, Tom Cox, Abdollah Farrokhi, chair; Jim Hess, Kathleen Parrow, Shane Sarver, and Rob Schurrer. 

Grants opportunities announced  - Top

Below are the program materials received March 21-27 in the grants office, Woodburn 218. For copies of the information, contact our office at 642-6627 or e-mail requests to us at grants@bhsu.edu.  Fellowship information will also be posted on the Student Union bulletin board near the information desk.  

  • National Science Foundation.  Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (NSF).  The National Science Foundation is inviting applications to adapt and implement in higher education institutions previously developed exemplary materials and practices to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum.  Deadline: December 4, 2002.

  • National Endowment for the Humanities.  Challenge Grants (NEH).  The National Endowment for the Humanities is inviting applications for matching grants aimed at supporting and improving institutions’ humanities programs and resources.  Awards are meant to provide long-term support, improve humanities organizations’ financial stability and the quality of their activities.  Deadline:    May 1, 2002.

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