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Minutes of the Feb. 15 graduate council meeting

Minutes of graduate council meeting Tuesday, Feb. 15 at 3:20 in Jonas 305. Present were: Earley, Molseed, Chrisman, Lee, Alsup, B. Silva, Follette for Steckline. Absent were: Cook, D. Swartz, Sander, Montross, and Erickson.

The chair announced that the colleges of education and business and technology were in the process of advertising graduate assistantships for the 2000-20001 academic year. Council members should tell colleagues and/students and invite them to apply.

Dr. Molseed proposed the following changes to MSCI admission to candidacy. After some discussion, the motion to recommend approval was made, seconded and passed. The new policy effective immediately is:

MSCI Admissions to Candidacy Proposed Process

MSCI Graduate Review Committee

The MSCI graduate review committee would be composed of five current College of Education graduate faculty. Four members would be appointed on a year-to-year basis and the fifth member would be the College of Education graduate coordinator. The dean of College of Education and director of graduate studies would serve as ex-officio members.

The committee would meet as needed but no less then twice during the fall and spring semesters.

The committee would be responsible for admitting or rejecting students as candidates for the MSCI.

MSCI Admission Criteria

Students wishing to pursue the MSCI will make application to the MSCI graduate review committee by the end of the sixth credit hour of the core curriculum.

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  • At least three letters of recommendation from supervisors or others that would be in a capacity to provide a fair and impartial evaluation of students' ability in completing the MSCI program.
  • A submission of a reflective writing piece based upon case studies. Students taking the introductory course will prepare and complete the case study reflections as a final task of the introductory class.

Two criteria that will be evaluated (by using an established rubric and inter-rater reliability) are:

  • Student's ability to communicate in written form.
  • Student being able to demonstrate reasoning skills (e.g. critical thinking, problem solving, etc)
  • (Note: for current students not yet accepted as candidates, the same process will be used in ED 790 the spring semester of 2000. The only variation will be that students may complete the reflection on their own time).

Official copies of undergraduate transcripts showing successful completion at the bachelor's level.

Official copies of any graduate coursework previously completed.

The chair reported that the BOR was in the process of creating an Electronic University Consortium. As a part of this consortium, BH intends to have its MSCI degree totally on line by the fall semester of 2000.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is March 14 at 3:20 p.m. in Jonas 305.