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Risk management and marketing seminar scheduled

The Center for Business and Entrepreneurship at Black Hills State University will host two workshops "Organization Risk Management" and "The Role of Marketing in Your Organization" Friday, Feb. 18 at the Bell Steak House in Spearfish.

Session A is "Organization Risk Management." This seminar is intended to provide attendees with an introduction to the subject of risk management—the general management function that involves the systematic assessment and treatment of all organization risks.

This session will: present a discussion of key terms and concepts, introduce general risk management practices, provide insights into the challenge of assessing organization risks, discuss risk control and management tools, techniques and strategies, identify risk financing tools and their uses and give practical advice on making risk management work within organizations.

Session B is "The Role of Marketing in Your Organization." Topics to be addressed include: the role of marketing in organizations; internalizing the marketing approach within your organization; using a structured marketing planning approach to guide your company's actions; and adapting traditional marketing planning processes to organizations of various sizes.

The presenter for session A is Dr. Peter Young, chair of insurance at the University of St. Thomas Graduate


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School of Business. He is responsible for the MBA concentration in risk and insurance management and for professional development programs in the areas of risk management and insurance. He completed the first-ever study of public risk management practices in the United Kingdom, is co-author of Risk Management And Insurance, and has authored numerous articles on organization risk management theory and practice.

Ms. Sian Young, the CEO of The Persephone Group, will present session B. The Persephone Group is a consulting firm specializing in strategic marketing consulting, new products process development, and alliance formation and management. Prior to establishing a consulting practice, she was a marketing professional with The Pillsbury Company, managing several of the best known brands in the U.S. She also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Business, where she teaches graduate courses in marketing.

The cost to attend these sessions is $50 for sessions A and B and lunch; $25 for session A only - "Organization Risk Management" (9 a.m.-Noon); $8 for lunch only (Noon-1:15 p.m.); $20 for session B only - “The Role of Marketing in Your Organization” (1:30-3:00 p.m.).

To register, please call the Center for Business and Entrepreneurship at BHSU at 642-6091 or send an e-mail to . Each session is limited to 30 participants.