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Minutes of the January CSA meeting

The CSA council met Jan. 18, 2000, at the Pangburn Dining Room. Present were Deatta Chapel, Corinne Hansen, Ginny Sunding, Gloria Spitler, Myron Sullivan, Jeanne Hanson, and Paulette Palladino. Not present were Becky Dovre, Marilyn Luscombe, Ellen Boyd, Linda Torgerson and Margaret Kleinsasser.

Vice President Deatta Chapel called the meeting to order. Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved, motion by Paulette Palladino, second by Jeanne Hanson.

Due to Marilyn Luscombe's absence no treasurer's report was available.

Paulette Palladino will e-mail a list of what to bring to the CSA winter social, Friday, Jan. 21. She has reserved the room and ordered food. The bookstore will donate a gift certificate, and a couple other door prizes will be available.

There was no safety and facilities report.

Vice President Deatta Chapel opened the floor for nominations for the office of president. Deatta Chapel was nominated but declined the position. Paulette Palladino was nominated and unanimously elected president. Gloria Spitler nominated and Myron Sullivan seconded Deatta Chapel as vice president. She was unanimously elected. Paulette Palladino nominated and Myron Sullivan seconded Jeanne Hanson as secretary. She was unanimously elected. Gloria Spitler reported Marilyn Luscombe would take the finance officer position again. She was unanimously elected.

Myron Sullivan volunteered to serve on the safety and facilities committee.

Gloria Spitler, Ginny Sunding and Corinne Hansen volunteered to serve on the welcome basket committee. They will see that any new employees that have not received baskets do so.

Palladino will contact President Flickema for his preferences on the strategic planning committee appointment.

All other committee appointments will be made at the February meeting.

Jeanne Hanson reported that she was not elected to the state PMAB. She thanked everyone for their support and indicated she would run for the position again in two years.

The next CSA meeting is set for Feb. 15, 2000, at 9 a.m. in the Pangburn dining room. Amendment: The meeting date was changed to Feb. 8, 2000.

Recorded by Jeanne Hanson, CSA secretary

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