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Minutes of the May CSA meeting

Unofficial minutes of the CSA meeting.

The CSA Council met May 9 at 9 a.m. at the Pangburn Dining Room.

Present were Corinne Hansen, Ginny Sunding, , Ellen Melaragno, Myron Sullivan, Gloria Spitler, Deatta Chapel, Becky Dovre, Margaret Kleinsasser and Eileen Thomas.

Not present was Marilyn Luscombe.

President Corinne Hansen called the meeting to order. Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved, motion by Margaret Kleinsasser, second by Myron Sullivan.

Treasurer's report was not available.

Committee Reports

Safety & Facilities – No report

Regents CSA – Jeanne Hanson reported on April 14 meeting in Pierre with regent representative Dave Hanson and representatives from all other state universities. A copy of those minutes is on file. Issues discussed included the health insurance premium increase, on call time, reduced tuition benefits, CSA classification updates, SDRS legislation, CSA selection process, salary policy and election of officers.

SDSEO House of Delegates meeting – Myron Sullivan reported that the Spearfish Chapter 18 was voted the Outstanding Chapter of 1999-2000. Several resolutions were passed and will be presented for legislation next year, including a 5 percent salary package identical to the one presented last year, the “rule of 80” retirement proposal, a bonus proposal for every state employee including legislators and a reduced tuition benefit of 75 percent with eligibility at one year of state employment instead of three. Myron indicated there will be new

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representation with fall elections. He reminded us of the new law that is in effect that makes dismissal from state employment much easier. He indicated that legislation will be introduced next year to repeal this law. Gloria Spitler won the Deadwood Weekend, and Myron won the $500 shopping spree, both prizes sponsored by SDSEO. Strategic Planning – No report, the committee will not meet again until fall.

CSA Luncheon -- Corinne Hansen thanked everyone for a very successful luncheon. Dr. Flickema's office paid for the food, door prizes and decorations will be paid by CSA funds. Ginny Sunding will send thanks to Dr. Flickema, Tim Johnston, Sharon Hemmingson and Brock Finn.

Ellen Melaragno will get personal information from scholarship recipient, Jackie Longbreak for a news release.

New Business

Eileen Thomas will serve the remainder of the year for the open position in Wenona Cook. Memos have been sent to eligible CSA employees in the Library requesting a volunteer to fill the vacant position in that building. There has been no response to date. A motion was made by Myron Sullivan, seconded by Margaret Kleinsasser, if no interest is shown, the council will appoint a member at large to serve the remainder of the term.

Summer Picnic Committee – Members are Gloria Spitler, Deatta Chapel, Corinne Hansen and Jeanne Hanson. A date for the picnic will be set at the June meeting.

Welcome Baskets – More will be prepared for delivery.

The next CSA meeting is set for June 13 at 9 a.m., place to be announced.

Recorded by Jeanne Hanson, CSA secretary