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More than 100 take part in annual Kevin Whirlwind Horse Race despite cold and snowy weather conditions

Snow and cold temperatures didn't dampen enthusiasm at the 16th annual Kevin Whirlwind Horse Memorial Run/Walk held at Black Hills State University April 15th. More than 100 runners and walkers turned out for the event.

Each year the proceeds from this run/walk support the Kevin Whirlwind Horse Memorial Scholarship, honoring this former Black Hills State University student who was killed in a car accident in 1984. Whitney Rencountre was selected as this year's scholarship recipient. Rencountre graduated from Crow Creek High School in 1998 and is currently a sophomore majoring in biology at Black Hills State University. Mae Whirlwind Horse (Kevin's mother) and Kevin Whirlwind Horse Jr. (Kevin's son) presented the scholarship certificate.

Lance Adrian (19.48) and Mary Kate Guilfoyle (23.12) were the overall winners in the 5K run. Dennis Newell (36.12) and Molly Mason (44.11) took overall honors in the 10K division. Jared Jacobson and Korral Whirlwind Horse won the 1/4 mile run, and Leah Sperry and Nathan Jacobson took first in the 1/2 mile run. Medals were awarded to 1st-3rd place finishers in each division.

Whitney Rencountre (left) was the winner of the Kevin Whirlwind Horse Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship certificate was presented by Mae WhirlwindHorse (center) and Kevin Whirlwind Horse Jr. (right), Saturday.

While the children who competed in the 1/4 and 1/2 mile runs were allowed to complete their races on the indoor track, adults and some of the children braved the chilly weather outside for the 5k and 10k runs which were part of the annual Kevin Whirlwind Horse race

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Kevin Whirlwind Horse Race results:

Boys 8 & under 1/4 mile run: 1st—Jared Jacobson, Rapid City; 2nd—Zacho Meyerink, Spearfish; 3rd—Dominic Mills, Rapid City; Tanner Triscori, Spearfish; Matt Altmyer, Spearfish; Clay Benoist, Eagle Butte; Monte Meyerink, Spearfish; Jacob Tschetter, Spearfish; Morgan Visto, Spearfish; Lincoln Whirlwind Horse, Interior; Ty Miller, Rapid City; Jaime May, Allen; Colter King, Philip; Clancy King, Philip.

Girls 8 & under 1/4 mile run: 1st—Korral Whirlwind Horse, Eagle Butte; 2nd—Ettie Mae Benoist, Eagle Butte; 3rd—MaKayla Miller, Rapid City.

Boys 9-12 1/2 mile run: 1st—Nathan Jacobson, Rapid City; 2nd, Tommy Holleman, New Holland; 3rd, Tyler Hemmingson, Spearfish; Nick Sukstorf, Spearfish; Kolton Messerly, Belle Fourche; Kael Whirlwind Horse, Eagle Butte.

Girls 9-12 1/2 mile run: 1st—Leah Sperry, Spearfish; 2nd—Kaitlyn Hemmingson, Spearfish; 3rd—Katy Whirlwind Horse, Manderson; Meagan Funk, Spearfish.

Mens 5K run: Under 13: 1st—Wesly Miller, Rapid City; 2nd—Leif Johnson, Spearfish. 13-19: 1st—Aloysius Good Shield, St. Francis; 2nd—Justin Eagle Pipe, St. Francis; 3rd—Mervin Marshall, St. Francis; Robert Whirlwind Horse, Manderson; Kevin Whirlwind Horse, Philip; Wopila Bad Hand, St. Francis. 20-29: 1st—Lance Adrian, Sioux Falls. 30-39: 1st—Steve Her Many Horses, Rosebud. 40-49: 1st—Randy Black, Spearfish; 2nd—Mike Besso, Lead. 50 & Over: 1st—Hugh Palmer, Sundance.

Womens 5K run: 20-29: 1st—Mary Kate Guilfoyle, Spearfish; 2nd, Tara Brodkorb, Spearfish. 30-39: Bernice Whiting, St. Francis. 40-49: 1st—Denise One Star, Rosebud; 2nd—Janet Lillehaug, Lead; 3rd—Shirley Big Eagle, Parmelee.

Mens 10K run: 20-29: 1st—Dennis Newell, Spearfish; 2nd—Michael McDaniel, Faith; 3rd—Scooter Hayes, Spearfish; Duane Synoground, Spearfish; Noah Franklin, Spearfish. 30-39: 1st—John Nelson, Rapid City. 40-49: 1st—Cres Tumangday, Spearfish.

Womens 10K run: 13-19: 1st—Jesse Pal, Spearfish. 20-29: Molly Mason, Spearfish; Cecilie Steib, Rapid City. 30-39: 1st—Betsy Silva, Spearfish; 2nd—Mary Sebert, Spearfish; 3rd—Mavis Two Bulls, Spearfish. 40-49: 1st—Eileen Thomas, Spearfish..

Event sponsors included K-Mart, Family Thrift, McDonalds, Safeway, and the Black Hills State University Donald E. Young Center. The run was coordinated by the university's Student Support Services staff (Deatta Chapel, John Mills, Joe Valades, Deb Brauneller, Sharon Hemmingson, Kaycee Rousseau, and Wendy Jarvis) with help from Dave Little, Cheryl Leahy, Myrti Whirlwind Horse, LaFawn Janis, and Desiree Mills. Spearfish Fencing, Pioneer Bank, Norwest Bank and local newspapers, radio and television stations also assisted with the event.