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Molecular genetics lab established at BHSU with NFS grant money

A new state-of-the-art molecular genetics laboratory has been established at Black Hills State University with funds from two national science foundation grants. BHSU now has one of the best molecular genetics facilities in the sate of South Dakota according to Shane Sarver, BHSU biology assistant professor. The new facility, in Jonas 155, provides BHSU students with the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with equipment not readily accessible to students at most universities.

Sarver and Mark Gabel, BHSU bology professor, collaborated with Kent Jenson of Oglala Lakota College on a grant for $123,000 to fund new equipment at BHSU and OLC. The title of the grant is “Conservation Genetics of Rare and Sensitve Species in Undergradaute and Secondary School Laboratories.” The grant also funds curriculum enhancements at the two schools.

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The new equipment will be used to train pre-services and in-service science teachers in molecular biology. Mobile molecular biology kits will be purchased for South Dakota high school teachers to check out to use with students at their schools.

A second grant from the National Science Foundation for $88,286 also purchased equipment for the new laboratory. This grant titled “The Acquisition of Equipment for a Molecular Genetics Laboratory to Support Research and Training” was written by Sarver. The focal point was the purchase of an automated genetic analyzer, which is one of the only instruments of its type in the entire region.