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Bruce Junek will speak at Kiwanis breakfast

Bruce Junek, author and world traveler, will be the featured speaker at the annual Kiwanis Good Friday prayer breakfast April 21 at 6:30 a.m. at the United Methodist Church in Spearfish

Junek and his wife Tass Tacker have spent 25 years exploring the world's exotic places and cultures. When possible, many miles of their journeys have been spent bicycling, and as a result they have been very close to the roots of each culture, to the land, and to the people. As authors, photographers, and gifted teachers the couple has brought dynamic skills and adventure to motivational speaking. They have been featured in magazines and on television and have appeared in 180 school programs per year to approximately 80,000 students. They also do presentations at seminars, businesses and festivals.

Bruce Junek is the son of Jerry Junek. Both Bruce and his wife grew up in the Black Hills where they continue to live between travels and adventures.

Junek's program, “Images of the World: Andes to the Amazon” from his new book, features slides with his live narrative. Hear about mountain biking through the Andes, exploring Incan ruins and learning about modern day descendants, then descending into the Amazon Basin by bike and boat to see monkeys, toucans, tree frogs, boas, spiders and pink dolphins.

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The presentation which embraces seven journeys in Mexico, Central and South America seeks to promote cultural understanding, global and environmental awareness, spiritual insights, and to inspire others toward the realization of dreams and goals. Some interesting features include meeting native people, bicycling through Central and South America, kayaking on the sea of Cortez, swimming with whales in Baja, snorkeling with penguins in the Galapagos Islands, hiking through cloud forests in Costa Rica and traveling by dugout canoe in the Amazon Basin.

The complete breakfast menu promises to have something for everyone including the addition of French toast. The public is invited and proceeds from the ticket sales go to an international effort to eradicate iodine deficiency disease, the leading cause of mental retardation, cretinism and goiter throughout the world.

Rev. Melvin Miller will be master of ceremonies and special music will be provided by the Foothills Bluegrass Band.

Tickets may be purchased for $6 from a Spearfish Kiwanis member or are available at the door.