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Minutes of the March 15 faculty senate meeting

The faculty senate met March 15 in Jonas 110 at 3:15 p.m.

Members present: Tim Steckline, Charles Lamb, Barb Chrisman, Steve Babbitt, Don Chastain, Randalei Ellis, John Glover, Margaret Lewis, Rena Faye Norby Student: Scott Biggin.

Motion to approve agenda – Barb Chrisman, Don Chastain

Minutes approved by motion from John Glover, Steve Babbitt

Dr. Lyle Cook attended the meeting to discuss with the following issues:

  • The Board of Regents office has indicated that independent studies have to be self-supporting. They are to have limited faculty involvement and should not be courses which are in the regular class schedule.
  • Self-support directed studies courses may be taken and the instructors could be compensated
  • There are areas which have been designated as economic development areas at our institution. Emphasis is on biology, health services administration, and entrepreneurial studies. Students with undecided majors are “encouraged” to select one of these as a major. Under the current funding, this will impact upon the funds received by the institution. Funding in this category this past year was $93,000+.
  • In the curriculum area changes are being fast-tracked and mostly handled on a local level. Philosophy is in place, procedure not complete as yet.
  • Transfer of credits from technical schools in the state is in place. The BOR office did a list of schools and what would transfer. At Black Hills State University the industrial technology department will participate in a program which will give the “Bachelor of Applied Technical Science (BATS)” to students making these transfers. Rising junior exam will be taken at the technical institution prior to coming to our institution. These students will need to pass the tests with same criteria as our own students.
  • The regents are looking at minimal ACT scores to be used for mathematics and English placements. In mathematics the current discussion is 20 ACT score to be placed in college algebra; 18 ACT score for intermediate algebra; below 18 ACT score, remedial course will be necessary. The English placement score for English 101, 102 courses will be 18 ACT score.

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  • Scholarship — Academic suspensions are being reviewed. Appeals for suspension are to be tightened. Students who are admitted provisionally do not usually attain the goals established. Not cost effective to keep re-admitting them.

It was announced that there are to be additional language courses offered next year. French and German are to be added to offerings. Dr. Theisz and Dr. Salomon will teach these courses.

Scott Biggin reported on the student senate desire to beautify Jonas. The idea has been brought forward to have the student senate purchase benches to be placed in the Jonas halls. The faculty senate members expressed concern in regard to this issue. Other means of improvement for the appearance of Jonas were expressed. The possibility of having art works hanging in the halls was enthusiastically received. It was suggested that the student senate might consider starting a project to purchase student art pieces for a collection which could be placed in the building. The collection of Charles Russell works which had previously been in the Student Union building are currently stored in the Archives in the library. It was suggested that they might use some of these to start a display in Jonas. A suggestion was made that it might be possible to get alumni and community support for an art display. It was also noted that some different color paint on the walls might freshen the appearance of the facility.

Scott also discussed the concerns regarding internet services for students. The student senate members have had discussions with Arnie Hemmingson regarding upgrades to servers for student use. If the student fee increase is approved by the BOR, some of the money might be used for this.

The curriculum committee report which included the change in college algebra to unlink the lab from the course was reviewed. The course will now be at the required three-hour level for general education. The lab was renumbered to Math 102L. Experimental courses were also presented in this document. These experimental courses are: FRE 101 Introductory French I; GER 198 Introduction to German I and GER 199 Introduction to German II; PHIL 490 Special Topics in Philosophy; and POLS 492 Contemporary Political Philosophy. Motion was made to approve the changes and additions from the curriculum committee. Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted Barb Chrisman, recording secretary.