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Minutes of the March 14 CSA meeting

The CSA council met March 14 at 9 a.m. at the Pangburn Dining Room.

Present were Paulette Palladino, Becky Dovre, Jeanne Hanson, Ellen Melaragno, Marilyn Luscombe, Gloria Spitler, Ginny Sunding, Corinne Hansen, Deatta Chapel and Myron Sullivan. Not present were Margaret Kleinsasser and Linda Torgerson.

President Paulette Palladino called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the Feb 8, meeting were read and amended to change the spelling of Cheryl Leahy's name. Minutes were then approved, motion by Gloria Spitler, second by Marilyn Luscombe.

Treasurer's report was presented by Marilyn Luscombe.

Committee Reports:

Safety and Facilities: Becky Dovre reported on the Feb. 10th meeting. The committee does not have scheduled meetings, just as the need arises. Discussion was held on the University's compliance to ADA standards, and on a resolution presented by the Student Senate regarding the Dec. 13 vandalism incident, the status of the investigation, options for additional security and student awareness. Fire extinguisher training is in the process of being scheduled and individual departments will be notified when training sessions will be available.

Paulette Palladino suggested that safety tips be included on the website.

Regarding the ADA issue, Paulette Palladino had been told that all classes, for a student with disabilities, were being relocated to first floor Jonas because the elevator in that building was not functioning. Jeanne Hanson reported that to the knowledge of facilities services, the elevator was operating properly. A custodian checks it every day and documents that it is functioning. If problems occur, instructions are to notify facilities services as soon as possible so that repair can be scheduled. Myron Sullivan noted that for safety issues, it was probably best the student have classes on first floor anyway.

Strategic Planning: At the Feb. 25 and March 3 meetings discussion was held on a proposed change in the admission policy relative to ACT scores; the need for a firmer appeal process; and implementation of additional programs for internships, cooperative & other experiential learning.

Welcome Baskets: Corinne Hansen reported she had a list of all new employees since July 1, 1998, and baskets had been delivered to everyone who had started in 1999 and later. She asked if we should go back earlier on the list because some people may be offended they were not

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welcomed earlier. Discussion was held and it was determined those employees should indeed receive baskets but with a humorous explanation that the welcome committee was in transition, and that a better late than never welcome was appropriate.

Scholarships: Ellen Melaragno received an e-mail from Cheryl Leahy that stated the colleges will be making recommendations for students that meet the CSA scholarship criteria, and are to have those applications submitted by March 27. Cheryl indicated we may only receive three applications. The CSA awards banquet is scheduled for April 28. If all other deadlines are met, the committee should have time to make a recommendation to the council for the scholarship award.

Old Business

Corinne Hansen reported that there are eight welcome baskets prepared and ready to be delivered when necessary. The council thanked the committee for their efforts in keeping this activity “ahead of schedule.”

Gloria Spitler presented a logo design concept to the council. Jeanne Hanson will contact Paul Kopco to see if a student in his class would create a logo using this or another concept as a class project.

It was reported that holding the June 13 meeting scheduled in the student assistance center is still okay.

New Business

Linda Torgerson has resigned her position on the CSA council. She has been reclassified as an exempt employee and is not eligible to serve on the council.

Since Deatta Chapel's office has moved to Cook, she will fill Linda Torgerson's position in that building. Eligible employees from Wenona Cook and the Young Center will be contacted by e-mail to see if there is interest in filling the vacant position. The replacement or election process will be determined after response has been received.

Linda Torgerson's committee positions on scholarship and picnic will be filled by Deatta Chappel. Corinne Hansen will fill the position on the election committee. Corinne Hansen will also serve on the picnic committee.

Paulette Palladino will contact David Salomon to schedule an appointment for a yearbook picture for the council. We will use that picture for the website if available, or take an additional photo at that time.

The next CSA meeting is set for April 11, at 9 a.m. in the Pangburn Dining Room.

Recorded by Jeanne Hanson, CSA secretary