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Parrow's work to be published

Dr. Kathleen Parrow, associate professor of history, has written a chapter for a book that will be published.

Parrow was recently informed that Boydell and Brewer/University of Rochester Press has agreed to publish a book on the intersection of historiography and political thought. Her chapter is entitled “Prudence or Jurisprudence? Etienne Pasquier and the Responsa Prudentium as a Source of Law.” She wrote the essay while on sabbatical last year with an NEH Fellowship at the Folger Shakespeare Library. The essay discusses the 16th century French lawyer Etienne Pasquier's consideration of the question of whether or not the formal legal opinions of lawyers in ancient Rome or in sixteenth-century France ever became law and if so, in what circumstances.

Another research project from her recent sabbatical at the Folger resulted in a paper “The Use of Law in Catherine des Roches's `Dialogue de Placide, et Severe'” which she presented in October at the Sixteenth Century Studies

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Conference in St. Louis. This paper examines a passage in one of Catherine des Roches's dialogues which refers to both Roman law and to local French provincial customary law. The article Parrow is writing from this paper adds further discussion about des Roches's own family's legal background; the uses of the literary dialogue in sixteenth-century France; and the functions of the sixteenth-century salon, especially that conducted by the des Roches family.

Parrow was also recently informed that she has been selected as one of the readers for the Advanced Placement in European history essays exams which are administered to college-bound high school students by the Educational Testing Service. The reading and grading of the essays takes place over a one-week period in the summer.

Parrow is the state president of the Council of Higher Education (COHE), the faculty union affiliated with SDEA and NEA.

Parrow joined the BHSU history department in 1991. She earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of Rochester in 1986.