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Minutes of the university assessment committee

Minutes of university assessment committee meeting of March 15, 2000

Present: Earley, J. Miller, O'Neill, Calhoon, Sharon Hemmingson, J Golliher, Ellis, Grey, Myers. Absent: Termes, Meyers, Cook and Haislett.

The deans and VP had other commitments and thus were unable to attend the meeting. The chair had agreed to meet with them on March 28 and discuss the issues raised by the committee. The next meeting of the committee will be on March 29 at 3 p.m. in Jonas 103. The issues raised by the committee to be discussed with the deans and VP were:

1. The Education College should do a separate report for each major. The current plan may fit NCATE standards, but it does not fulfill those of North Central.

2. Those programs that were acceptable and why - The committee agreed that they found the reports for accounting, technology, and business administration

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acceptable. They were well-organized, had clearly stated goals, multiple measures, analysis, and indicate what use had been made of the data.

3. Those programs that were not acceptable and why- The committee agreed that they found the reports for history and human services deficient. They were usually lacking in one or more areas. In both cases, the deans would need to be aware of the issues.

4. The committee said to ask the VP and deans if we should bring in an outside consultant to help us with some of the groundwork for assessment and the NCA visit.

5. The committee wanted the VP and deans to establish a deadline for the revision of the inadequate plans and return of the reports to the committee. The committee would return the reports to the deans and each dean would then be responsible for the reports in his/her college.