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College of Education faculty and students present at collaboration conference - Top

Hesson Schurrer Silva Tentinger Hess Pearce

College of Education faculty Dr. Jim Hesson, Dr. Rob Schurrer, Dr. Betsy Silva, Dr. Larry Tentinger, Dr. Carol Hess and Dr. Kristi Pearce presented at the fall Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning conference in Bloomington, Minn.

The conference theme focusing on "How Learning Happens: Making Connections, Constructing Knowledge, and Building Community" was held Nov. 19-20, 1999.

Hesson, Schurrer, Silva, and Tentinger presented "Personality Types: Collaboration's Friend or Foe?" This presentation demonstrated the impact of personality types upon the effectiveness of collaboration. The facilitators highlighted how identification of personality types helps learners better understand the complexities involved in the dynamics of communication necessary for effective collaboration. Participants completed a personality trait inventory and were provided information regarding how different personality traits influence interactions. The presenters emphasized how to best understand and collaboratively work with others by drawing from the strengths of each identified type.

Pearce and Hess co-presented with two undergraduate education majors, Charles Standen and Donald Wasmoen. The title of their presentation was "Active Assessment: the Art and Science of Learning." They addressed how teaching, learning, and assessment are interwoven; what authentic assessment means; and how such alternative assessment practices can be valid and reliable ways to measure learning in higher education. The presentation highlighted educational research which supports using such active assessment tools as self assessment, peer review, performance-based measures, and the development of rubrics for evaluation. The students shared their personal experiences with alternative measurement methods and described how active assessment improved learning.

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