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The Works of Gregory of Nyssa, edited by Dr. David Salomon, has just been published on CD ROM.

Salomon, College of Arts and Science assistant professor, said the work was originally put on a website in 1995. Since that time more than 31,000 people have visited the site. A publisher who had seen the site contacted Salomon and Richard McCambly, about the possibility of publishing the work on CD ROM. McCambly is a Cisterican monk of St. Joesph's Abbey in Spencer, Mass., who translated the work.

According to Salomon, this is the first time the writings of this 4th century Christian mystic, scholar and saint have been collected and made available. The CD, published by GR.AM.P.S. CD's, provides robust search and annotation features to facilitate learning. All royalties from the sale of this CD will go to a scholarship now being established to further study in the field.

Since posting the website the writers have had e-mail comments from people throughout the world. Salomon foresees the CD being used by people interested in the history of philosophy, seminary libraries, theological libraries and several other academic areas.

The website address is,

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