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Minutes of the faculty senate meeting

Minutes of the faculty senate meeting Nov.3, 1999, in Jonas 110 at 3:15 p.m.

Members present: Tim Steckline, Charles Lamb, Barb Chrisman, Steve Babbitt, Don Chastain, Randalei Ellis, Tom Hills, Rena Faye Norby, Rob Schurrer, Cheryl Anagnopoulos (for John Glover). Student: Scott Biggin

The meeting was called to order by President Steckline. Motion to approve agenda made by Charles Lamb with a second by Rob Schurrer. Agenda was approved with an additional item for the curriculum committee.

Minutes of the Oct. 20, 1999, meeting were approved with a spelling of name correction. Motion made by Tom Hills and second by Steve Babbitt.

Tim Steckline indicated that as of this time no appeal has been made regarding the institutional requirements passed by this body.

It was announced that the honors program faculty committee has met with Tim Steckline in attendance. Eight faculty members attended the meeting. They have been charged with the writing of a mission statement. A permanent committee will result from this process. The committee is to work with the Center for Excellence group. The center has started a scholar program which has no connection to this honors program.

Tim Steckline has discussed the attendance policy as passed by the senate with Dr. Cook. Cook indicated that he did not intend to make a change in our recommendation. It was an error in the editing of catalog copy. He has marked the 2000 catalog copy to read as we recommended.

The report on the new curriculum proposal process was provided by President Steckline. Faculty will make proposals as done currently. When the proposals are received at the board office, Tad Perry and Lesta Turchen will look for things that are concerns. The rest will be forwarded on for passage. New forms will be developed for this. Time table for changes will probably be a one year process. It will need to be decided if we will need to have the levels of committees we currently have for curriculum changes. The senate discussed the pros and cons of the committees at the college level and the University wide committee. Don Chastain suggested that we might wish to keep the college level committees to protect the faculty interests. Tom Hills thought we might prefer to keep the college level committee and eliminate the university curriculum committee now appointed by the senate. Further discussion will be held as the changes are more definite.

President Steckline discussed the "Sales & Solicitations Policy" with Dr. Haislett. The policy is still not back from the board office. Freedom of speech concerns will most likely be removed.

The remainder of the curriculum committee report was provided. Charles Lamb questioned the moving of courses from one department area to another without appropriate explanation of the changes. This issue was brought to light with the SCED course offerings being approved without removing them from the science department listings. Tom Hills moved the approval of the recommendations of the curriculum report with a red flag on the SCED courses and the suggestion that the deans of the two colleges needed to both show approval of the change. Motion passed and Tim Steckline will discuss this with the curriculum committee for future reports.

Steckline reported on the assessment to be done for technology literacy. Our technology literacy program has been approved by the regents. A new person at the board office wants to have the issue revisited. The suggestion is that there will be a statewide examination for this. The 5-hour test will be very costly and we might have only a limited number of students tested. The future of this is uncertain at this time.

Scott Biggin, the Student Senate liaison, requested that the faculty senate be supportive of the student senate bylaws which calls for a liaison from the faculty senate to be in attendance at their meetings. They meet on Monday's at 5 p.m. It was suggested that the faculty senate members might take turns attending these meetings. Tim Steckline will work with Scott on the schedule of the meetings for the remainder of the year and we will review that schedule at the next meeting.

A concern was raised about the continuation of the two enrollment advising sessions currently being used. The faculty senate went on record as being in favor of a return to the one enrollment session in the spring of the year. Faculty members with major numbers of advisees are spending three weeks each semester doing advising. This is a total of six weeks of scheduled appointments over the year. It was felt that this is not an efficient use of the faculty time and that planning for student course selection is difficult without having the full year schedule. It was suggested that we discuss this issue with Dr. Cook when he meets with us at our next meeting.

Tim Steckline indicated that the committee on student opinion survey revision is meeting and will soon bring something to us for discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Barb Chrisman, recording secretary

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