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Theisz article accepted for publication - Top

Dr. R. D. Theisz, chair and professor of the department of humanities, has been notified that his most recent article has been accepted for publication by the Great Plains Quarterly for its next issue in 2000.

Theisz also delivered his article "Powerful Feelings Recollected in Tranquility. Literary Criticism and Lakota Social Song Poetry" as a paper at the Great Plains Conference hosted by the University of Nebraska/Lincoln last April.

The Great Plains Quarterly is a refereed journal published by the University of Nebraska/Lincoln.

One reviewer summarizes the article: "The strength of the work, of course, is in its initial attempt to explore the need for extending the methods and theories of literary criticism into the arena of non-western art forms, . . . specifically Lakota song poems. Championing the establishment of a "canon" of musical literary criticism, one not necessarily dependent on song, i. e., melody, rhythm, etc., but on textual material is long overdue. I consider it a bold and refreshing position, one which I totally support and promote."

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