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Watch for snow and ice hazards

Recent winter weather has brought the typical snow and cold problems. Facilities Services will continue to remove snow, sand sidewalks and roads, and use chemical melters to reduce slip and fall hazards as much as possible. It is important for individuals to recognize the hazards of slippery walks and roadways. There are several things that can be done to reduce the risk of falling when slippery conditions exist.

Here are some helpful hints.

  • Wear boots or overshoes with grip soles. Slick leather or plastic soles on shoes will definitely increase the risk of slipping.
  • Don't walk with your hands in your pockets. This reduces the ability to use your arms for balance if you do slip.
  • Take short shuffling steps in very icy areas.
  • Don't carry or swing heavy loads, such as large boxes, cases or purses that may cause you to become off balance when you are walking.
  • When walking, curl your toes under and walk as flat-footed as possible.
  • Don't step on uneven surfaces. Avoid curbs with ice on them
  • Place your full attention on walking. Digging in your pocketbook or backpack while walking on ice is dangerous.

Facilities services is committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable place to learn and work. Please report any hazardous conditions to the Facilities Services office at 642-6245.

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