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Minutes of the Oct. 6 faculty senate meeting

The faculty senate met Oct. 6, 1999, in Jonas 110 at 3:15 p.m.

Members in attendance: Tim Steckline, Steve Babbitt, Barb Chrisman, Randalei Ellis, John Glover, Tom Hills, Charles Lamb, Rob Schurrer . Student representative: Scott Biggin.

Tom Hills moved approval of minutes for Sept. 15, 1999, meeting and John Glover seconded. Minutes were approved.

President Steckline distributed copies of the senate constitution. We are to check for corrections before distribution will be made to faculty.

The general education committee recommendation for the institutional requirements totaling 15 hours was provided to the members present. We made fixes to numbers and discussed some omissions. Margaret Lewis is reviewing the copy before it will be distributed to the faculty at large. Steckline will try to schedule a faculty forum on the 18th or 19th of October.

Charles Lamb presented the recommendations for appointments to the various faculty senate committees. After some discussion Tom Hills moved the approval of Laura Turner to curriculum committee and Richard Gayle, Fred Heidrich, Larry Tentinger to the general education committee. The terms for all of these people will end in 2002. John Glover seconded the motion. Motion passed.

John Glover moved the approval of Nicolas Wallerstein and Marvin Bunch to the distinguished faculty award committee and Monte Robinson to the campus safety and facilities committee (this committee is a vice-presidential committee with faculty representation.) Rob Schurrer seconded the motion. Motion passed. Wallerstein and Bunch will serve until 2002 and Robinson will serve to 2001.

Tim Steckline indicated that Dean Holly Downing has held a meeting of the committee revising the student opinion survey. There is to be a core of questions which will be used everywhere. Committee work continues.

Catalog copy was due to Pat Chastain by Friday, Oct. 1, 1999. The current catalog does not have the student attendance policy which was passed by the senate last year. A check of the minutes of the senate indicates the wording to be different than that which appears in our minutes. President Steckline will pursue this issue with Dr. Cook in order that the appropriate wording will be in the new catalog.

A discussion of the “Sales & Solicitation Policy” which was distributed via e-mail to the faculty was discussed. Its implications for the faculty were a concern. It was announced that this has been enforced with student(s) already. However, Haislett has announced that the policy will no longer be applied until attorney's have reviewed it. The senate will await the results of this review before pursuing this issue further.

The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m. Respectfully submitted. Barb Chrisman, recording secretary.

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